January 26, 2018

Food Art From The Heart

I'm really excited to share a few fun and festive ideas for Valentine's Day! The best two things about these ideas: (1) they are super quick, and (2) there's likely no cost involved! You probably have everything you need sitting in your pantry or refrigerator.

Heart Shaped Pancakes

What You Will Need:
    - Pancake mix
    - Oil or butter
    - An old ketchup, mustard, or BPA-free plastic bottle
    - Spatula

What To Do:
    1) Mix the pancake batter.
    2) Pour batter into a plastic tube with the narrow-end of a spatula. 
    3) Squeeze bottle to make your preferred design (a heart, a letter, etc.) on grill.
    4) Flip with spatula when the desired textured is complete.
    5) Serve alone or with berries and whip cream.

Pancakes not your thing? Using a knife or heart-shaped cookie cutter, try one of these instead!

Bread / Toast

Cheese & Deli Meat


   How To: Cut a large V-shape on the bottom of cucumber and a small V-shape on the top.

Strawberries & Raspberries

How To: Cut a small V-shape on the top of raspberry or strawberry.

You can also mix and match!

Heart-Shaped Sandwiches 

    How to: 
Use heart-shaped cookie cutter to shape deli meat and bread. Use a knife to cut out cucumber hearts.

A few More Ideas!

    1) Watermelon
    2) Pizza
    3) Cinnamon rolls (pre-made; just shape!)
    4) Bacon (just shape)
    5) Cookies
    6) Brownies

I hope some of these ideas inspire you as you plan and prep to celebrate Valentine's Day with your little ones. There are a ton of heart-things we can create with food! 

XO - Steph

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