March 5, 2018

In-Spring-Ration for Spring

15 sunrises until the first official day of spring and we are all smiles over here! That feeling of a new season upon us always gives me a fresh perspective and new start. We even walked away today from our local grocery store with our first bundle of tulips. Below are a few ideas I thought I'd share on a little "In-Spring-Ration" for you and your family in the up coming weeks!

Daylight Savings Time: 
Sunday March 11th is this year's Spring Forward, and we couldn't be any more excited for it! We look forward to being able to extend our evenings outside as a family with a stroll, blowing bubbles in front lawn, or sitting out on our patio furniture in the backyard. The extra light get us up and out as a family. My favorite way to end the day here in the Pacific Northwest.

Fresh Start: 
Opening all the windows to our home brings in that slight cool breeze and fresh air. A new start. By letting the outside in and circulate within our home, we also get a jump start on spring cleaning. Would you agree less dusting always sounds like a good idea? (yeah, me too). Plus every once in awhile we can catch a glimpse of a rainbow outside our window.

Essential Oils: 
Have you noticed this major growing trend on Instagram lately about essential oils? I now understand why so many people are jumping on that train and why spas regularly offer them, especially the scent of lavender.  After doing a bit of research, I learned lavender reduces anxiety, emotional state, improves sleep and restores skin complexion which would explain why lately we are loving the scent of lavender in our house. I can feel my entire body relax and my mood shift whenever lavender is diffused. I love diffusing peppermint in the winter, but lavender in the spring is a close second. 

Tulip Field: 
Our local, famous tulip fields open the last week in March, right before Easter! I love getting a few fresh bundles to place on the table for Easter brunch every year and place a vase or two in both our Master bedroom and Abby's nursery. Bringing the outside in feeds my creative soul while I blog or photograph Abby playing during the day. Plus, I believe flowers make us all smile just a little more. 

About every 3-5 months Abby's closet needs to be rotated out, as she keeps growing out of things. I keep all of Abby's current clothing sizes, shoes, bows and accessories up front in her closet and very organized, as it helps our mornings run smoothly while getting her dressed. This weekend, we purchased organized bins, wiped down all her drawers, and boxed up most of her 12-24 months clothes. She's officially in 2Ts now! All I can say is: sad face emoji. In 3 months, she'll officially be 2 years old. 

You can get some fun photos with this one! It's also a great way to get your little one running and laughing (perfect for when nap time arrives), amen? If you haven't tried a bubble wand (usually $1-$2) with your baby, toddler or child I say go for it! Besides a balloon or cake pop. I get the biggest belly laughs and smiles from Abby when she's playing with bubbles. 

Cake Pop Picnic: 
As you know from my instagram stories and feed over at mama.jots, we are major cake pop fans. I could also just say the word "cake" because we celebrate everything with a cake over here. Sometimes we celebrate just the fact that it's Friday because, Fridays are meant to be celebrated! 

What are you most excited for this spring? 

XO - Steph

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