December 10, 2017

5 Tips For Getting Out & About In The Rain With A Toddler

1) Stay One Step Ahead
Can we beat the rain? I find myself asking this question ALL THE TIME since my babe turned into a tot. Long story short, yes! If you can, try a find a one-hour dry spell in the day. I use a weather app on on my phone because it gives me an hour-by-hour forecast that provides me the percentage chances of rain.

But here in the Pacific Northwest mother nature likes to make it rain, which means that sometimes, for us, its unavoidable. If the forecast is set to dump buckets from morning to night, we still manage to get out and about while staying dry and warm with tips #2-#5 below.

2) Think Width
When it comes to parking at the grocery store, shopping mall, or post office, pulling into a spot far left or right is better than parking farther back in a row that is directly in front of a store. Following this rule, gets me right up front almost every time!

3) Waterproof
In the rain, 50% of the time my toddler squeals with delight and the other 50% of the time she squawks in horror. With little humans, you never know what you're going to get! So when my daughter is dressed properly in a hooded raincoat AND rain boots (puddles are our friend apparently) getting out in the rain shower doesn't seem to be any different for her. Keep those rain boots in the trunk if you have too! We've had a few tears when the downpour surprises us.

4) Remember Mama
There's a reason the flight attendants instruct you to put on your own mask before helping others. If you are not ok, no one around you will be either! After mother nature personally showered me 3x in one day, I caved and bought myself a pair of rain boots AND a rain coat. I'm no longer rushing to get her in and out of that car seat. I even feel a little smile cross my face as I walk through those puddles. Just a little.

5) Don't Let It Rain on Your Parade
Seriously, don’t let the rain predict all your fun! After you’ve checked your local weather report to make sure your city isn’t in a current flood, high wind or storm warning, it’s possible to keep you both dry and warm!

I hope some of these ideas help you and your toddler stay warm and dry out there. Let me know below if you have any questions!

- Steph

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