December 6, 2017

7 Tips For Successful Family Photos With Baby

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Monthly Milestones
If you can, wait until they are 6 months before taking photos. We only made it to 4 months! I truly would have taken my own advice here and waited longer, but Christmas was right around the corner. As first time parents, we wanted those first family holiday cards! Our photographer explained that 6 months is when most babies can start to smile and hold their attention for longer than 3 seconds. Blinded by our own excitement, we went against her advice and of course she was right. Hence, Abby's gaze longingly into the distance shown above. : ) In the end, always do what you feel is best for you and your family. We're so glad we did what we did regardless of our non-smiling 4 month old! : ) 

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 Holy Nap Time
Babies can easily be bottled or breast feed at the last minute. So instead of ensuring that she fed before photos, we made her nap time (the holy hour) a higher priority when scheduling our photo session. We only had an hour with our photographer, so it was important for us to make the most of our time! I ended up breast-feeding on a blanket in the middle of the park, though I’m so glad we made her nap a priority because it only took three minutes to fill her up and get our cheeky baby back!

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 Give Your Partner Choices - Lots!
During my days as a high-school educator, I have learned that when people can give their opinion, are heard, and then their suggestion is carried out, they are emotional involved and invested. (My husband is far from being a fan of getting his picture taken). So when it came time to choose our clothes I asked him to do it.

 I'm sure your thinking, really Steph? Yes, truthful I did. He has better style than me and I really wanted a fall-winter photo shoot. So I found a ton of color schemes from Pinterest centered around the outdoors and from there, I showed them to Steve (my husband) and let his heart's desire decide. He was the one who actually pick out the brown and maroon color scheme pictured below, along with his entire outfit. I know I'm very lucky ladies and yes, I'm keeping him forever  : )

Again, no smile from my 4 month old. We just had to get that Christmas card!  : )
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 Create Contrast
Just like a gazillion home improvement shows and websites will tell you, creating contrast with textures, patterns and color scheme’s makes a photo pop. I love the feel these types of photos bring into our home. So we did just that. I started with the 3 color hues that Steve had chosen and added in the mix of patterns and texture. Abby’s striped dress and suede moccasins were purposely picked, along with Steve’s favorite wool sweater. All three items really brought that cozy fall winter theme to life we were going for.  

What To Wear - Mom
For me (and 4 month post part-partum bod) I wanted something that covered up my healing belly, which meant more flare and less fit. The chestnut boots were the final piece to bring it altogether - I only feel fall-winter has arrived once your toes are snugged into a pair of boots! I was completely comfortable and confident which is way more important than any trend. 
Choose something that feels like you, something that you will look back on in 10 years and smile upon. Family photos are so highly valued and treasured because it's a piece of our favorite people captured in time forever! We truly enjoyed our experienced and I believe it's because we each helped to create the look and play around during the shoot, along with our photographer. Which brings me to number 5.  

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I know it sounds silly, though you picked your photographer for a reason, go ahead and tell them why! They will want to please you and give you just that. Most photographers will usually ask you what it is you're looking for out of your session (we wanted a Christmas card photo where everyone is looking into the camera). We got it! and then some! 

So if they don't ask, here's your encouragement to speak up and let them know. It's completely ok and in fact most expect it. Both you and the photographer will end up feeling confident in what it is you want out of the experience. Once we told the photographer about our vision, we were able to truly let her take the lead on how to pose and where to shoot. We really trusted her.

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Bring Snacks
Lots of snacks. And when you think you’ve packed enough, pack some more.

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 Enjoy those cuddles:
Your photos will beam with joy! That's all we really wanted, a forever memory of how happy we were to now finally be a family of three. Many of our photos were of us playing around and hugging each other. An hour of loving and cuddling my family with a few photos taken was truly great fun. We might have also been just lucky enough to have such an amazing photographer (whom we trusted) though I think it’s truly because were able to play, laugh tease each other. 
7 Tips For Successful Family PhotosAll images are produced and edited by Ciccarelli Photography

I hope all of these ideas help as you're planing your own family photo's! 

                           Warmly, Steph

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