December 4, 2017

8 Tips For Getting Out & About In The Rain With Baby

1) Baby wrap first
Most styles are very long and I really struggled with trying to not let either end hit the wet pavement, so putting the baby wrap on before I left the house made running errands sooooo much easier and actually kind of fun. I discovered this one the hard way as a first-time mom. Long story short is I can still hear my heart pounding in my mama nightmares!

      2) Stay one step ahead
Look for a dry spell (even one hour) in the day by using a weather app on your phone. This allowed us to avoid those raindrops before they ever even leave the clouds while at the same time sticking to my baby's napping and feeding times. Eighteen months in with my daughter, I still check the hour-by-hour forecast before picking a time to leave. In this case, if baby's happy, mama's happy.
3) Complete 360 Coverage
I’m really short. 5’3" to be exact and I absolutely love the protection a long length raincoat gives. Complete 360-degree coverage. After my daughter was born, I realized fairly quickly that I was going to be hanging out under those rain clouds a lot longer due to the car seat’s seemingly endless buckles and straps. So having a hood is ideal! Especially as a first-time mom, I was able to stay calm and focused, instead of awkwardly transitioning my tiny human in and out of that car seat.

4) Feet love
I don't know why us Pacific Northwesters go our entire life never thinking we need to own rain gear, let alone wear it.  However, since having a child I see the need. If you had to get just one item, my suggestion would be rain boots. Since giving my feet some love, I've never looked back. Keep them in the trunk if you have too! Rain comes and goes, as we know. So if you always have a pair, you won’t ever need to worry about slipping, falling, or getting anything wet from your knees down. I’ve changed shoes in the middle of the parking  lot about 328 times to date.  : )
5) Think width
When it comes to parking at the grocery store, Starbucks, or dentist, sometimes the far left or right aisles are better than parking by the entrance! I almost always get right up front.

6) Transitioning
Wait to zip up your coat. Snuggle that bundle of joy in your baby wrap and then add another layer of warmth from your coat around them as you walk into the store. Depending on my baby’s size and age, I could get my coat to cover my daughter's head as we walked into the store. All while being mindful of her nose and mouth. : )

Wrap a milk snob cover over your baby's car seat and you're good to go! It's my all-time favorite baby product because it's completely versatile with what it can do in the first few years of your child's life. We've already used it as a breastfeeding cover, shopping cart cover and car seat cover (pictured above and below). I can’t tell you how many conversations and compliments have come about with this product alone. You can get the milk snob cover over at Amazon and Prime members, as always, get free shipping. Just one more reason I love being a Prime member. : )

360-degree coverage

Pinch the center of the opening slit as you transition from the car for extra coverage.

     8) Don’t let it rain on your parade!  
Truly, don’t let the rain predict all your fun! After you’ve checked your local weather report making sure your city isn’t in a current flood, high-wind, or storm warning, it’s possible to keep you both safe, dry, and warm. Then maybe if you're truly having a little fun, you might feel a smile form across your face. Just a little one.

I hope some of these ideas help you and baby stay warm and dry out there! If you have any question's or want to know more, let me know below! And remember, they say rain is just confetti from the sky!

                - Steph


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