December 28, 2017

A White Christmas

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We are still shocked, amazed, and pinching ourselves over the best Christmas, ever.

A white Christmas!

It was my first white Christmas and, of course, Abby's. So it's no surprise that this years ho-ho-holiday quickly turned into a three-day celebration! Thank you mother nature for deciding you actually like us here in the Pacific Northwest by gifting us tiny, icy fluffs.

This post is short and mainly just an over-sharing amount of photos. You have been warned! : ) Although I'm eager to share with you one of the best things that could of happened to me this holiday season besides the snow fall and that is, I stopped.

Stopped folding, cleaning, moving and doing all because a million little snowflakes danced in front of our windows. I just froze.

To say that I was stressed these last few weeks prior to Christmas would be a major understatement.

My husband and I were hosting family at our home for the entire 48 hours surrounding Christmas, including a feast for 13+ family members on Christmas Day. The prepping and planing was more than stressful, and my husband and I swore that we would simplify in the coming years.... (I set aside tons of notes for hosting holidays to share next year!).

So once those fluffy pieces of pure joy fell from the sky, we were crying. We were sooo grateful. Beyond excited! We felt incredibly lucky to witness a snowfall from Christmas Eve to Christmas night.

Allllll the windows were open downstairs Christmas morning as we tore apart paper, smiled, laughed, hugged and sipped on mimosas. Our house decorations were no match for the crystal clear snow flakes hugging every leaf, tree, yard, and roof in our neighborhood. That morning was a dreamy daze of bliss, especially when Abby's eyes fell upon her DIY present from Santa (I promise to share more soon!)

Almost immediately after opening gifts, we stepped out as a family into our quiet snow covered neighborhood to create a humbling looking snowman. We strolled, hugged, laughed, and watched our daughter delight in the winter wonderland. I couldn't ask for a better way to close our year.

It was truly one of the most magical days I've ever experienced, next to marrying the man of my dreams (love you Steve!).

So, thank you mother nature for sprinkling your tiny, icy fluffs upon us. And now, without further ado...

A photo dump:

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!

XO - Steph

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