February 16, 2018

Favorite Finds // Girl Toddler

My secret guilty pleasure is shopping for my little girl (which I'm now letting you in on). As a first-time mom it took me a while to find items I loved since I didn't even know where to start. The terms bodysuit, 2T, and milk snob could have well been new flavors of froyo. I had no clue what to buy or how to make a smart purchase.

Now, 20 months in, I find myself going back to the same brands for her basic pieces because I know they'll keep up with our daily trips to the laundry room. Equally important, Abby's clothes need to hold up against her playroom routine of stacking books, dance parties, and spontaneous rolls on the carpet. Yes, quality clothes are important with a toddler, but I also don't want her jeans to be the same price as mine. : )  

Below is a style guide, highlighting many of the basic pieces a lot of you commented on and/or asked me about over on Instagram. 
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One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five  //  Six  //  Seven  //  Eight

One //  Heart Sun Glasses: Abby's white heart shaped sunglasses are sold out, although these pink ones are similar. Plus, pink is a great color for spring and summer!

Two //  Polka Dot Sweater: I have a long history and major heart eyes for anything and everything polka dot. Also, I firmly believe it's impossible to be anything but happy when wearing polka dots.

Three //  Tutu dress: Chilly winds and rain visit often here in the Pacific Northwest, so you'll see Abby in long sleeves until like May. These long sleeve dresses are a great bottom layer (we have them in four different colors) because they're light enough to layer with a sweater or jacket on top. If a spill happens because let's be real, toddlers are trying to master how we place a cup down, which means spills always happen. I can just remove one layer to keep Abby clean (that's another one of my secret's) and P.S. this dress is on sale for $5.58 this weekend!

Four //  Beige Jacket: This winter coat has (faux) removable fur on the hood and we've been using it as her winter-spring jacket. I love that it can just be thrown into the wash and still keep it's shape. Plus a neutral color goes with everything!

Five //  Pink Sweater:  I keep going back to H&M sweaters because the colors are always classic and go with just about everything. Sweaters over shirts and tu-tu dresses are, in general, my choice of clothing for her since she can still be warm in her car seat without a coat. 

Six //  Rain boots: I get asked about these boots all the time over on Instagram. I love them because (a) she can put them on all by herself and (b) they keep her dry during our errands, walks, park trips, and play dates. Being located in Pacific Northwest, I don't know how I could keep my toddler dry without a pair of rain boots  These boots are a bit pricy but worth it if your child is going to wear them daily like Abby does.

Seven //  Tights: I've gone through five different brands of tights (even a couple higher end ones). But, after trial and error, H&M tights are the only ones I buy now. The fabric is high quality for the price. And they're long, so they fit Abby's long legs and let me use them for the exact amount of time they say, if not longer. I just put Abby into her 1-2 year tights and they still feel brand new after about 2,587 washes. 

Eight //  Flower Felt Headband: I've been putting handmade bows and flower felt headbands on Abby since she was a newborn. I love the beauty and quality of Fancy Free Finery headbands. They hold up while Abby's repeatedly trying to place them on her stuffed animals. Plus, for special occasions, they really add a nice feminine look to any girly dress!

Sales // Promo Codes
P.S. Almost everything I highlighted above is on sale for the weekend! H&M's is having a sale up to 50% and you get free shipping with the code 6418. Old Navy is having a sale with 30% off everything (some restrictions apply) and The Gap has a sale for 20% off plus free shipping with code PRESDAY. 

If you have any questions, let me know below and happy shopping!

XO - Steph

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