March 30, 2018

Designing A Mini Gallery Wall

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Creating Your Own Mini Gallery Wall

Abby's mini gallery wall is one of my favorite little spots in her room. It's also one of Abby's because every morning with my heated coffee mug in hand, she points her cubby little finger to the wall and say's, "babies, babies!" Even randomly through out the day she talks about these photos. 

In the beginning, this project was a bit of a challenging because so many examples on Pinterest were either too large in scale or too busy. I like the look of clean line(s), soft color's and an overall classic style for a nursery. Along with a touch of feminine for Abby. 

So I thought I'd share below exactly how I put this mini gallery together for anyone else out there who also doesn't have a huge wall space though wants to create one too. 

Here is what I did.

1. Develop a color palette first. I used the color palette already in Abby's nursery. (grey, white & ballerina pink)

2. Lay everything out on the floor first. Photo/design side up.

3. Start with the largest piece and work your way around it. 

4. Take a photo on your cell phone of your top 3-5 favorite arrangements.

5. Step back and hold your cell phone up to the wall. This help's you really envision the final product.

6. Think about your expectations for the space. I used damage-free hanging strips for future rearrangements in her room.  

7. Then enjoy! On repeat.  : )

If you're interested in the frames I put up in Abby's room I purchased them from Amazon and you can find them here and the bow hook here. I spray painted the smallest frame light gray and the bow hook white. 

I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Over here, we are certainly getting excited to watch Abby hunt for sticker filled eggs on Sunday! 

Until next week!

XO - Steph

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