April 19, 2018

Stretching Your Childs Wardrobe // Spring Style

Here we are in the middle of spring, with every toe snugged into a pair of rubber rain boots and sunnies over our eyes. Lately, it's been delightful to see spring come out and play!

Yet at the same time, on most days, we just don't know what to do with ourselves since rain buckets fall around the clock. Even when a few rays of sun decide to peak through, we often find our hands tied.

So much so, we are constantly switching back and forth between rain boots and sunnies, and finally this week, we just combined the two. We are also pulling pieces from Abby's winter and summer wardrobe to create "a spring style."

This is what today's post is all about: sharing ways I've been forward thinking when dressing Abby for the spring-ideas which have helped me keep clothing purchases down, while at the same time staying stylish. I am a girl mom after all!

Since over half of you asked for a "Spring Style Guide" from this week in our poll over in Instagram stories. I'm really excited to finally share what I've been doing subconsciously every day. Which is, digging into Abby's closet and getting creative on filling the clothing gap between winter and summer. 

Here are the five key things we're currently doing:

 // 1 // 
Tights, Tights, Tights:
To break out those summer dresses earlier and if we're lucky, to keep a few winter dresses around, I tie the old and new items together with tights. Spring is still very cold here in the PNW, as it is for many currently (p.s. sorry about all that snow most of you are having!). So by adding a few neutral colors of tights to Abby's closet I can stretch her wardrobe. I mentioned earlier on the blog how much we love these H&M tights. 

// 2 // 
What Can A Dress Do?
Earlier this year, I also mentioned that I like to purchase things which can be versatile for other occasions and season's, such as I did here, for Abby's Easter dress. We've been currenlty pairing her summer dresses with sweaters, though as soon as the weather warms up, no sweater is needed. So a "spring" dress, needs to be short-sleeve or sleeveless to make it in our cart.

// 3 // 
I've been pulling a few short sleeves blouses from Abby's summer sets lately which I purchased over President's Day weekend (amazing deals everywhere during any holidays p.s.!) Doing this has allowed me to get more out of Abby's winter and summer wardrobe just by combining the two. For example, I've used this set here about once a week, while keeping the shorts tucked away in her closet. We also have this one and this one. 

// 4 // 
Rain boots:
April showers and livening in Pacific Northwest. Do I need to write another sentence after that one? : ) Many of you comment over in Instagram how much Abby loves her pink hunter boots (yes, she's obsessed) though I recently discovered a few new brands which I listed here for you below. We plan on trying a few of these this fall. 

 // 5 // 
Button-up sweaters are another favorite item I like to use for tying together old and new pieces. Since I can easily switch one for another. Why and how you ask?  Well, when Abby spills on herself, takes a nap or the temperatures rise in the afternoon. I don't need to unclip her binkie and pull a bulky sweater up over her head while also messing up her pig tails.  Instead, by having just the top button clasp at the top of her sweater, I can easily switch one sweater to another. It feels practical and simple to do while we are out and about or at home. Plus, the girlie side of me is glad I don't have to keep fixing her hair! 

I hope this post helps you to stretch your little one's wardrobe until summer! 

Make sure to check out my instagram stories this Sunday as I'll have another weekly poll. It's always so wonderful to hear from each of you!

Until next week!

XO - Steph

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