May 18, 2018

Home Photography Tip // Toddler Life

One of my favorite things about meeting other moms is seeing what they're up to and how they do everything. Especially if their kid is about the same age as Abby, or they have multiple children since it feels like I'm getting a glimpse into my own future. The two-kid juggle sounds really intimated to me right now, so I always love seeing how other moms do it! 

Which is why I'm excited about today's blog post, 100% of you were up for combing a motherhood perspective along with a photo challenge. The challenge I'm sharing is from a photography course I'm currently in, and loving.  

This week’s assignment was on light and specifically how to find that ideal lighting in your home. To do this, we were asked to pick up our camera every hour and take at least three photos of our kid(s). Then at the end of the day, we could look back on our photos and find the ideal time and place to photograph our little one's. 

I did my best to stay in, yet Abby and I always step away from the house at least once. We truly get out a lot so I felt like showing you our day just at home wouldn't be authentic for us. 

Even though our routines and schedule has changed a lot since Abby was born, the last 6 months have been steady with the exception of the last two weeks! If you're curious, I explained why here, in my last blog post.

So here's how we typically spend our day during the week.


I make a cup of coffee with cream and add a splash of whip cream to the top. Then I sit on the back patio and treasure each sip. After 10 minutes of bliss, I get to work on my photography course, emails, lesson plan (I teach a few classes a week), catch up on social media, DM's or blog. It's usually fairly dark at this time!


Make myself breakfast, write a to do list, finish an email and shower. The light is still very dark in my house, though I start to see the sun come up.


Pour milk into a clean sippy cup for Abby and get her out of the crib. Then we make our way  downstairs. I make her breakfast and then while she eats, I always unload the dish washer and clean up the kitchen. I do much as I can in the kitchen while she plays in her own play kitchen. 


I finish getting ready for the day while Abby runs around, read books, play with toys, and rolls around on our bed up stair's. She loves to play peak-a-boo with the door between our master bath and bedroom and pretends to put on make-up or body lotion. All things I do.


Abby plays for a while in the playroom or in her play kitchen we made for her. Then I get her dressed for the day, brush her hair and we're out the door by 9:30am.


This is when we get out to do errands, and today we got lucky! We went to one of our favorite stores Nordstrom to purchased our wedding shoes. Abby's favorite accessory!  I snapped this one right before we left.


Lunch time at home, or a good snack if our errands run long. On this day, got to be the "fun mom" by sharing a pretzel with her. I don't always get to be the "fun mom" though when I do, I document it. Here, we were able to sit under a sky light to get even light.


We have quiet play time to settle down from the morning's activities and usually spend this time reading books, doing puzzles, and playing with toys. 


Nap time! Abby's a good napper and is usually down for an hour and a half, if not two hours. I must be honest and say I work hard during this time although I do my best to get in at least 20 minutes of "me time."


The second hour of her nap I'm always up and about in the house, here I cleaned the hardwood floors and took this photo in the afternoon light. It was overall a really cloudy day and you can see how dark and cool it made our house feel.


Abby's up and it's snack time. I usually give her a piece of cheese, crackers, raisins, or berries right after she's up and we go play either inside the play room or outside in the back yard.


You can almost guarantee every day we're outside at this time, especially this week with all the nice weather we're having! The sun decided to come out finally, as did we. In general, I love this time of day as Abby's super energetic and I can get some fun photos of her bouncing around and smiling. 


Dinner time has been outside a lot lately too and we're loving it, or at least I am! Abby usually has our left-overs from the night before, or an assortment of things as I did here.  Once Abby's eating, I get started on making dinner. (Taking photos in the shade is my favorite strategy p.s.!)

Family time! Steve gets home at about 6pm and we eat dinner together. Lately it's been out on the back patio while we watch Abby run around in the yard and or play on the main floor.  I love the pockets of sun coming through our door during this time of day, because it's like we have our own personal little disco ball. 


Bed time routine. We start with a bubble bath, lotion, jammies, brush hair and teeth. Then we read a few books and place Abby in her crib, included all her "friends" which is her four favorite stuff animals: Flamingo, Peppa, Bunny and Doggie. The best kind of friends for an almost 2-year-old! 


Steve and I might do a half hour of personal time (him emails) and me (emails) though we always come back to one another at 9pm to talk and watch T.V.  Then we’re off to bed! I didn't take a photo of this as I forgot, though we usually sit across one another on the dinning room table to keep each other company. 

Photo Challenge

Even though I only displayed one photo at each hour, I took multiply angles (as show above) and opened up all the windows to bring in as much natural light into the house as possible. Generally, some of the photos I put up today wouldn't of normal been placed here on the blog, though thats the point of the challenge! Exploring trial and error so you'll find what works best for you and your home. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, do it! I learned a lot about the lighting in my home and was surprised at what I got.

Particularly, taking photos in the morning or late afternoon worked best in my house.  Even on a cloudy day the sunlight on Abby's face is much softer during these times.. 

What about you, where and when is the best lighting in your house to take photos? Do you have any tips or tricks on how to create bright and clear photo's while at home? 

If you decided to do this photo challenge tag me on what you capture over in instagram or email me. I'd love to see what you're creating and what you learned. 

Until next week! 

- XO, Stephanie

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