September 20, 2018

Motherhood // 3 Mom Life Tips

Motherhood // 3 Mom Life Tips

Flipping on the porch light while locking the front door to a living room floor covered in toys is about as spontaneous as I get since becoming a mom.

Take this weekend, for instance. We had hemmed and hawed for the last couple of weeks about taking Abby to the fair (she really wanted to ride a carousel!). The weather had been cold and rainy for days, although last Sunday afternoon the sun broke through and the rain stopped. As soon as the clouds cleared, Steve suggested we go to the fair. Now, going anywhere at a moment’s notice with a toddler stresses me out. As us moms with little ones know, last minute outings are extremely challenging, and or at least for me— (a planner to the core)—they are!

Still, I felt comfortable going to the fair on a whim because of a few systems I’ve added—through trial and error—to help me plan, remember things, and keep life moving without much stress. 

And I want to share three of the systems that I adopted in hopes that they’ll may help you, too.

//  1  // 
Nightly Dishwash
In the beginning of motherhood, I really struggled trying to estimate how long it would take for Abby and I to get ready in the morning (proud first time mom here!). 

So last spring we started running the dishwasher every night, full or not. And by not having to worry about whether the everything I needed was clean when I woke up, made prepping, serving, eating breakfast, and getting out the door way more efficient. I have no idea why we didn’t do this sooner!

//  2  // 
Extra, Extra, Extra
Back when Abby was about 8 months’ old, I found myself in the mall parking lot at 10 in a.m. being drenched by the rain and realizing that my diaper bag was missing…. diapers. (This was before I discovered that Nordstrom’s had a mother’s lounge.)

I could have driven to Target 15 minutes away and bought diapers, or I could have driven us home in 20. No matter what, I had to take a risk. We went home.

I kid you not, the entire time on the freeway home I was gripping the steering wheel and praying—out loud—to God asking him, “Whatever you do, please do to not let her... please help her, help me!” I was SOOO nervous and also very aware that if something did happen, it was all on me. 

Now, to make sure I have diaper backups, I keep a bin of extra diapers, wipes, snacks, and a raincoat in the back seat of my car (living in the Pacific Northwest, we get surprised by the rain a lot).  I have found keeping these three things stocked in my car is extremely valuable!

//  3  // 
Ready to Go
I have a drawer and supplies in her room for diaper changes right next to the changing table, however I also keep all diaper bag supplies outside of her room, in the closet right across the hall. (I do realize that this is a unique setup for our home). If you can keep extra diaper bag supplies in a different room (wipes, diapers, etc.), I highly recommend it! 

If Abby is napping, or still asleep in the morning, and I need to get us out the door shortly after she wakes up, I can just grab everything I need in the closet upstairs and get everything ready before she wakes up. I run this routine daily, especially since she’s started walking. 

As always, I truly feel you know what’s best for you, your home, and your own motherhood lifestyle. So I hope today’s post inspires you and helps you do just that! 

And I wish you smooth mornings, easy transitions, and a whole lot of planned-spontaneous fun this weekend!

Warmly, Steph

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