October 24, 2018

BOO! Easy Ghost Cake Pop

easy cake pop recipe
Since we LOVE cake pops so much I thought it was time Abby and I made some! And what better holiday to try it out, other than Halloween with our “BOO” Ghost cake pops!

Why call them “BOO” Ghost cake pops? Well, we made the ghost look like they’re saying, Boo! And fun fact, two years ago, we made Abby laugh for the very first time at 4 months by saying the word “BOO!” 

Cake pops are a long and complicated process; however I believe the Holidays are a great time to make things special while also keeping them simple on us moms.

So here is our version of an easy cake pop recipe. 
easy ghost cake pop recipe


//  1  \\
Bake your cake according to the directions. (We did made ours in two 9” rounds pans)

//  2  \\
Once cool, cut off the edges and crumble the cake in between your fingers so it ends up in a crumble mix.

//  3  \\
Add (1/4 cup) of vanilla frosting to your cake crumble and mix the two together. 

//  4  \\
Then with a spoon, scoop and roll your dough into a ball. (Substances should feel like play dough).

//  5  \\
Set aside for 4 hours in the fridge (or 1 hour in freezer) to cool and firm your cake pop dough. (Otherwise they will fall apart).

//  6  \\
Place white candy melts in a microwave safe container and warm for 1 minute (as directed on package). Stir your candy melts until you get a smooth substance. 

//  7  \\
Next place your cake pop “treat stick” into the center of your cake pop and dip
it Into the white candy melts.

//  8  \\
Once covered in white candy melts, place your cake pop into a cake pop holder so it keeps the round shape and smooth texture.

//  9  \\
Once your white candy melt is completely cool, use a fin tip of black frosting to create two ovals for the eyes, and a circle for the mouth.  

//  10  \\

If you want to see a tutorial for this recipe, you can find me on Instagram here, for the full video under the story highlight, "Spooky Treats."

Warmly, Steph

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easy ghost cake pop recipe

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