October 19, 2018

DIY Rainbow // Family Halloween Costume

 ( Cake Pop Series )
family halloween costumes
family halloween costumes

I give you… our pink and purple rainbow! Along with her raincloud and sun! Three things we see a lot of here in the PNW, although rain clouds make more appearances than the other two. : )

This week’s theme is family costumes! So, I decided to share our family costume from last year’s Halloween because it was such a big hit everywhere we went!

Originally the raincloud and sun were the only DIY, although I found out a few weeks ago that Abby’s rainbow costume is no longer sold. So I did my best to recreate her original rainbow as a no-sew costume, with a twist: by making it pink and purple!

Here’s how I created Abby’s pink and purple rainbow.

family halloween costumes

Directions for Raincloud Halloween Costume

6 colors of felt (1/2 yard)
white felt (1/2 yard)
Glue gun / gun
construction paper

family halloween costumes

//  1  \\
Take a giant piece of white construction paper and fold it in half (hot dog style) and then draw an arch from the top corner to the opposites corner on the bottom 5x to get 6 arches total. (Design Tip: Just be sure to make the first arch slightly wider than the others.)

family halloween costumes
//  2  \\
Cut out every arch until you have the following.

family halloween costumes
//  3  \\
To create the back of your rainbow, take the largest arch and trace it with a pencil on your darkest shade of pink felt. (You’ll need about a yard of felt for this color). Do this step twice so you have the front and back to your rainbow. Just be sure to add two inches to the bottom on one of your pieces (as shown) for the back piece.

family halloween costumes

//  4  \\
Next, trace each arch onto your desired piece of colored felt for the entire rainbow (6 colors total), then cut out each felt piece. NOTE: It’s important to use fabric scissors, so your felt won't tear on the edges.

family halloween costumes
//  5  \\
Glue gun each arch of your rainbow on top of the other and be sure to seal the bottom of each arch with a dab of glue.

family halloween costumes

//  6  \\
Draw your desired cloud shape and make the cloud lean slightly left or right on a white piece of paper. Then repeat step #4

family halloween costumes
//  7  \\
Glue gun your clouds to the end of each rainbow arch (Designed tip: I flipped one cloud so they would both slightly lean away from one another, framing the rainbow.)

family halloween costumes
//  8  \\
Cut out a rectangle shape of pink felt for the straps. About 3 inches wide. 8 inches long depending on the size of your own child. Then space the rectangle pieces apart about 3-5 niches apart on the top. The glue each strap piece to the front of your rainbow).

family halloween costumes
//  9  \\
Glue gun the other end to the back of the rainbow by laying both the front and back side down on top of each other. This makes helps the straps connect directly across from the other.

family halloween costumes
//  10  \\
Repeat step #8 for the sides and glue gun the front pieces to the start of your second arch. Then repeat steps #9.

family halloween costumes
Pink Rainbow Halloween Costume
Boots // Tights // Pink tutu dress // Sweater // Pigtail Bows  

family halloween costumes
family halloween costumes
family halloween costumes
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The best thing about Abby's rainbow costume is that it's no sew! This one does take a bit of time to create (especially if you make the raincloud and sun) although the glue gun makes the process fairly easy once you start. 

 And if you're interested in seeing how I created the sun and raincloud, let me know below! I'd by happy to add that in for a second post!

Warmly, Steph

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family halloween costumes

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