December 12, 2018

First Trimester || Second Pregnancy

(Plus, Tips That Helped Get Me Through)

first trimester pregnancy

What I felt: Extreme Nausea
Nausea ruled my world for about 3 months. Far worse this time around than with my first! I needed a glass of juice AND crackers to help me fall asleep almost every night. And a good handful of nights, I couldn’t even stay asleep. Nausea was a 24-hour thing this round.  Some nights I would wake up at 3am or 4am feeling so sick, I just wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep.  

What helped

Orange juice & crackers at night. Especially right before bedtime. A little snack seemed to help keep my blood sugar up and my belly somewhat full just enough, so I could fall asleep. I also diffused peppermint essential oils about an hour before I turned in for the night with this diffuser Steve gifted me for my birthday. During the day, I would roll this peppermint roll balm underneath my nose and above my lip to help ease nausea. 

These Prego pops really helped too! Especially when I was in the car running errands (car sickness was a major thing), and or just rolling down the windows seemed to help! Fresh air was my main squeeze during this time ; )

first trimester pregnancy
What I felt: Early body changes
My body changed much sooner this time around, specifically my belly! I was actually very sad and terrified to feel myself “let go” so soon. I started comparing my body to my last pregnancy. This did not help at all! As I was already so emotional about having to eat at night, I knew my fear was happening.

I was going to gain a few pounds before the second trimester even surfaced. 

It took me two weeks to accept it while folding up my favorite jeans into the back of my closet. But after that, I moved forward and reminded myself that I was eating healthy, exercising and doing everything I could to “bare through the nausea during the day but at night,  I needed to sleep!” And that, “I was doing a great job!!”

Which I truly believe, because I had to take care of myself, in order to take care of this baby inside of me, and Abby. Both would be counting on me every morning! Those two, outweighed wanting to wear my every day jeans until 14 weeks like I was able to do with my first pregnancy.  

What helped
Talking to someone I trusted so all those tears and concerns could come out. Then I put on my leggings and maternity pants and didn’t look back! It was all part of the process and yes, like most of us (and me!) feeling those changes waaayyyy sooner can be shocking! It’s all good, especially after your first pregnancy. It happens to a lot of us. 

first trimester pregnancy
What I felt: Tired easily
This was almost the exact same as my first pregnancy and one I knew was coming. What I didn’t know was coming is that it can be SO challenging to feel sick and tired while taking care of a toddler weeks on end. I have no idea how you moms of 3 and 4+ do it! High five to you and your strength!!

What Helped
Let myself sleep in a bit later. Which meant I was no longer getting up 5am and checking things off my list by 6am. I was now getting up at 6am. I still managed to keep up with Abby, teaching and the blog though I didn’t have the laundry folded. Like… hardly ever. 

Or occasionally we just didn’t clean up the play room, our bedroom or have as many people visit during those months. (We went to them, or just stayed in). Thanksgiving we actually canceled visiting family and it was just the three of us since I SO SICK! Sometimes, you just need to pull that “pregnancy card.” 

I also allowed myself to take a couple naps a week. Just a quick power nap really helped me stay on top of everything and something I REALLY enjoyed during the first trimester like dark chocolate. I know napping with two kids is NEVER going to happen! So I allowed myself to enjoy every bite.  : )

Even a few minutes of sitting down really helped!!


You are not alone in this miracle happening inside of you! You are strong, and you are beautiful. It's my hope that your head and heart don't let your jeans size determine how wonderful of a mother you already are to your little one, and or one(s). 

Pregnancy can be beautiful, challenging, scary, and fun all at once. With all of this comes changes and emotions and I have found, the best thing during pregnancy is to find your tribe. Find other mothers, pregnant or not! Online or in person and reach out to them! If there’s anyone that can and wants to hear what you’re going through, it’s them!

first trimester pregnancy

I hope this personal blog post has helped some of you who are about to go through the first trimester and or will go through it for the second time! If you want to see and hear more of this journey, you can find me on Instagram and or subscribe on the side bar to hear when the next pregnancy blog post goes live!

Wishing you a merry + bright week!! (You and your baby bump)

                                                              Warmly, Steph

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