January 8, 2019

Second Trimester || Bump Update

( 17  WEEKS )

Hello second trimester! The stage of pregnancy where laundry is finally folded and put away for the first time in months.  Energy is up, and nesting mode is in high gear! So much so, that I have both a boy and girl inspirational nursery board on Pinterest ready to go!

Gender Reveal Details

And yes! I will eventually be sharing a nursery tour on here, along with the baby's gender. We find out at the end of the month (20 weeks!).  Which means we are going to wait until that last weekend in January/February to do a gender reveal for friends and family.  How we do that exactly is a secret! You’ll just have to wait and be surprised. ; )

I promise … as the last week in January approaches, you’ll know exactly what day we are going to reveal! 

Bump Update ||  17 weeks

For the second trimester, a few things have helped me is this body pillow for sleeping at night. It’s the exact one I used while pregnant with Abby and I love these maternity jeans, as well! They are just as great for postpartum and I swear are the most comfortable brand and cutest pair I have yet to find! You’ll often find me after 7pm in these pants for Abby’s bedtime routine and lounging around the house.

I finally broke down about bought these B6 vitamin drops off Amazon via doctors order because I’m still feeling a little bit of nausea at night (nothing, however, like I did before!) and other than that, I’m starting to feel a few flutters in my belly. No kicks just yet, though little baby is certainly moving!

Hopefully I answered all of your questions! However, let me know below or over in Instagram via DM if you have any others!

Warmly, Steph

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