February 26, 2019

Tips For Flying While Pregnant

Tips for Flying While Pregnant

I must admit, leaving my family for the first time (for an entire weekend) was not exactly rainbows and sunshine. Truly and deeply love my girlfriends and always enjoy having a break like the next mom! However, It was a major challenge for me as a mom, and as "Steph."

I’ve honestly truly never struggled with saying goodbye to Steve and Abby for a day trips with friends, a lunch meet up, girl’s night, or even just a trip to the mall by myself. Those are always really refreshing! However, this round, while being very pregnant and hormonal (5.5 months going on 6!) meant I would not be returning home or sleeping with my beloved body pillow and instead, I'd be walking around an entire city all weekend long. I was so scared about not being comfortable (physically) and then (emotionally) knowing I wouldn’t be able to tuck my little one in at night for the entire weekend made me lose it at departures. Full on ugly tears. Pregnant lady crying on display. 

However, I knew (once I walked into the airport) that deep down like everything else in life, once you do it, it’s so much easier the second time around. I don’t have any other trips planned to be away from Steve and Abby soon however, if I did, I know that I can do it now! Yes, it was very tough leading up to my trip (emotional) and even tougher to actually leave however, I had a blast with my girls!! So-so-so glad I went! Staying up until 12:30am talking and laughing with my girlfriend as we shared an Airbnb, felt like we were 25 again!

I’ve only flown once before being pregnant and that was for a babymoon Steve and I took to Kuai. For last weekend’s trip, I was so busy and consumed with our day-to-day life and responsibilities that I completely forgot all the things that helped me travel during my first pregnancy. Luckily over in Instagram when I asked all of you to share your advice, I got some amazing responses!! 

So, I decided to compile your advice and my personal experience with flying (physically & emotionally) to come up with a list we made together. Super fun, yes?! Flying solo or with family, all of these have been super helpful to me for both situations!

Tips for Flying While Pregnant
Tips For Flying While Pregnant

Water bottle and drink lots of water
Book an aisle seat
Compression socks
Walk the aisle 
Dress comfortably
Fly in the second trimester
Figure out how long your comfortable being away
Try to plan your return in daylight if away from family (to see them before bed!)

I hope by giving you my personal experience on flying and traveling while pregnant (both emotionally and physically) will helps those of you who are thinking about making your own trip! Like I said earlier, it was SO worth! Even though the first time is the hardest I truly believe like anything else, it’s much easier the second, third, or forth time you do something.

So I wish you a happy, comfortable, and safe baby bump travels! You can do it mama! You SO can!

Warmly, Steph

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