March 13, 2019

DIY Gold Star Garland

(Pottery Barn Inspired) 

DIY Gold Star Garland
DIY Gold Star Garland
DIY Gold Star Garland
DIY Gold Star Garland
DIY Gold Star Garland
DIY Gold Star Garland
DIY Gold Star Garland
I’ve been wanting to do some type of white gold star garland for Abby’s play space since December! So I figured with St. Patty’s approaching, this would be the perfect amount of “gold” to surprise her with (AKA the leprechaun leaves behind).

To let you in something… I haven’t done the BIG elf on the shelf thing yet and I’m honestly a little scared to start it since it requires you do something every day leading up to Christmas. However, with St. Patrick’s Day making for just one night of mischief from a "leprechaun?" Yes, that sounds like something I can do.

Keeping motherhood simple, yet fun is what I’m alllll about! I love the chance to be creative and the holidays certainly bring that out in me. 

I fell in love with  the star garland from Pottery Barn and if I could, I would splurge to get it!  Although I really liked the idea of making one myself since I needed it to be long and to keep cost low ($20 total!) instead of $90 for three of their garlands to fit our space. So, to make my own version of a gold star garland, here is what I did.

DIY Gold Star Garland

DIY Gold Star Garland 

||  1  ||
Print out two sizes of star shapes. 
(Mine are Sizes 5’3” and 3”)

||  2  ||
Trace star's on the back of card stock. 

||  3  ||
Place second piece of card stock on top of other (gold-to-gold).
Then cut front and back out piece together to save time. 

||  4  ||
Next, lay every other 5" and 3.5" star apart for your desired distance. 
Making sure the tips match at the top (as shown).

||  5  ||
Place a gold string going in between each star at the top of it's tip.
Glue gun front and back of start together.

||  6  ||
Hang and enjoy!

DIY Gold Star Garland

To see how I made this heart shaped shamrock pancake, click on the 40 second video tutorial below.

I'm so glad all of you gave me the challenge to create something St.Patty's Day themed because now we have the white gold star garland I've been dreaming about! As well a new fun pancake tradition to start. Thank you!

Warmly, Steph

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