April 25, 2019

Third Trimester Tips || Second Pregnancy

third trimester tips
third trimester tips
Physically || 4 Ideas That Are Helping

||  1  || 
New sleep routine
Going to bed 30-45 mins earlier and getting up 30-45 minutes later has really helped my energy level this pregnancy! That’s almost 2 extra hours of sleep at night with just a minor adjustment. This and of course, my body pillow really help’s.   

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Slip on
It’s raining just about every day here in the PNW and yet I’m sliding into sandals and slip-on already simply because my toes are getting that wonderful pregnant lady puff (and feel!). I got these slip-on sandals on major sale the other day and LOVE THEM!

||  3  ||
Leggings are a given, although wearing a maxi dress or anything that is loose and flows around the belly or below is all I reach for now a day’s. having the flexibility to let the bump be while feeling comfortable as I move around to take care of Abby is a high priority. 

||  4  ||
We all roll eyes at this one, however I do truly notice a difference (especially in my second pregnancy). I've been making an effort to do something 3x a week up until birth, whether that be yoga, Pilates, a walk, brisk jog (yes, I still jog twice a week and it’s a challenge!) as being active I hear helps make labor easier. I stopped everything at 34 weeks with Abby and wish I went a bit longer before giving birth. Especially since the recovering from labor can take up to 6 weeks before you get that "ok" to exercise again. 

third trimester tips

Emotionally || 4 Ideas That Are Helping

||  1  ||
Being able to talk to a handful of other moms who are pregnant right now (with other little ones around) has been extremely helpful this second time around! They just get it! I can’t stress enough how wonderful and amazing it is to connect with moms in the same stage as you either online and or off. Love those women like your own. Open up to them, let yourself fall around them, and then… love them hard!!

||  2  ||
I know we all married, “The Best Guy In The World!” because of course we all did. : ) Though for Steve and I, it’s amazing what a little appreciation and positive encouragement can do for one another. By speaking up to Steve and telling him, “I just need someone to listen” and or ask him, “Can you massage my lower back?” followed with a, ‘Thank you!” lets my main squeeze know I see him, value him, and vice versa. I also remind him that yes,” I’m crying because I’m pregnant right now, not because you did anything wrong” (that helps too!).

||  3  ||
Details / Worry
When I shared a sneak peak of nursery the other day on Instagram, all of you know how stressed I was about getting started on our nursery so late. I would have started sooner this pregnancy as I've had extremely hormonal.  However to make up for lost time, we've order things we needed online and I'm now putting smaller items like newborn diapers into my shopping cart. These changes have really help calm my nerves!

||  4  ||
Sabbath yoga
If yoga and church is your thing, I think you’ll love this idea! Last week at mom’s group we had one of the moms teach us a yoga class called Sabbath yoga which is 95% yoga and the other 5% having the mental space to connect with God (Abby was in the nursery). It completely relaxed my body, mind and heart. Truly an amazing experience if those two things are you! I would just google, “sabbath yoga” to see if your area offers any.

third trimester tips

Mentally  ||  2 Ideas That Are Helping

(Pregnancy brain)
I shared a few weeks back on how I plan blog content each week here, and it’s all due to writing things down! I sometimes have 4-5 list going. This has become a necessity for me while pregnant with severe “mom brain.” Otherwise I wouldn’t get things done, like remembering anything at the grocery store.

Exercise/time for myself
Yes, this one is mentioned again because I truly feel (for me) it helps each category. I do my exercise in the AM before Abby wakes up and once in awhile during nap time if my schedule doesn't allow the early hours to myself. 

These are just a few ideas that have helped me while taking care of a toddler. I hope you found something new and different!

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