May 30, 2019

Hospital Bag Checklist || Mama & Baby

hospital bag checklist
As a second time mom (this round), I realize most of what you need for you and baby is provided in the hospital (onesie, hat, and swaddle blanket for baby and water, snacks, and food for you ...depending on where you give birth.) If yours doesn't offer all of these things that's totally ok! Because there's always your husband to go run out and get you some food and water from the cafeteria) God bless our men.

This check list is everything I personally feel is needed when staying 1-2 nights in the hospital (just in case that second night is needed). Also, because I've only be set to deliver summer babies in my life, this list is geared for spring-summer due dates. But if I was going to give birth in winter, let's be real... I'd certainly be bringing my Ugg slippers and a long sleeve shirt! 

Almost every item on the check list below is linked in case you're in need of finding a good quality item for that category.  Most of these things I've kept from my first pregnancy (after a lot of research on finding a good item then and now) and still love! 
hospital bag checklist

Diaper Bag (above style was gifted to me 3 years ago)
Cell phone charger
Nursing tank (thick strap)
Underwear (double up to hold pad in place)
Sister gifts (between each other)

hospital bag checklist
Pink hair bow (picture outfit/accessories)

Postpartum Item Checklist
(What to gather and have ready at home)

If mom of 1+ (setup who will watch your kid while in hospital)
Cash (for groceries/care giver of your 1st born)
Water bottle (nursing essential)
Extra clean underwear (double up)
Extra pad's

I hope this helps! 
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Warmly, Steph

May 23, 2019

Baby Girl & Toddler Sister Outfits || Summer Style

Ok, so coordinating and matching my girls is something I've been thinking about for months now!!! I have to be honest... as soon as I found out we were having another girl, I ordered both girls matching pink bows because yes, of course I would (A very proud girl mom!!). So today I'm excited to share a few things I've been planning for both of them and a few other ideas for the summer season. 

A time for rompers (which I could look at and put both my girls in all day, every day, year round) and BBQ's! One of my favorite things about summer time! Easy and breezy living. So here we go! 

baby girl and toddler sister set outfit
Baby Girl

Toddler Girl

baby girl and toddler sister set outfit
Baby Girl

Toddler Girl

baby girl and toddler sister set outfit
Baby Girl

Toddler Girl

As you can see, I'm SO excited to start the sister matching and coordinating game soon! And for those of you who already have girl(s), I hope these ideas and pieces helped, while equally being fun to glance at. Long live rompers, baby girl bows and BBQ's!!

Warmly, Steph

May 10, 2019

Mommy & Me Favorites

mommy and me
So why are these my favorite things for Mommy and Me this season?! As always, I'm happy to share with you below!!

||  1  ||
They make the best classic sun dresses (in my opinion) because I like to get ones in which I see myself wearing 8 years from now. I love that this style can be considered a capsule time piece in my wardrobe. 

||  2  ||
Every summer I get Abby a white sun dress and I love the scallop hem on this one!

||  3  ||
For the second year in a row, I've got Abby these floral tennis shoes (her fav) and I love that this year they added in a hint of pink to the overall shoe!!

||  4  ||
I love the thickness to this style since all 5'3" of me can get an extra amount of height (short girl problems)! Plus, they're the most comfortable pair of tennis shoe I own simply because I walk around in them barefoot all day without getting blisters.  My favorite spring-summer "go-to" shoe!

||  5  ||
I've had this in my cart for awhile.... I love that the two are coordinating and "fit" with each other. 
So I'm looking at getting this for Abby's Birthday next month!

||  6  ||
If you're currently expecting, this is hands down my favorite maternity purchase from this pregnancy! I seriously wear it once a week! And I'm sure you've seen me wear it just a few times over in instagram ; ) It's beyond soft and extremely light. You'll thank me later!!

||  7  ||
I'm beyond obsessed with this piece! The ruffles, blue color, back design and overall romper style is all of my favorite things pulled together for one piece. It just makes my heart warm. 

||  8  ||
I'm a major fan of JCrew shorts for women although this style and brand also have a special place in my heart. A little longer length and a bit of on trend style make these my fav! I can't wait to wear this style again soon! (1 month until baby sis is due!!)

|| 9 || 
I manage to get these on sale and they are seriously the perfect and simple piece to Abby's wardrobe this season. High quality that keeps up in the wash and can be passed down to baby sis. Plus I mean...just looking at them make my girl mom heart happy.

I hope you enjoyed a handful of my favorite "Mommy and Me" things I've been loving lately! And In the spirit of Mothers Day this weekend I wish you the most relaxing Sunday of the 365 days we get this year because, I'm positive you deserve it. Yes you do!!

Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

Warmly, Steph

May 5, 2019

DIY Polka Dot Pom Pom Sea grass Basket

Glue gun
Glue sticks


Step 1:
Measure 2.5 inches down from top and 5 inches across.
Continue for top line.

Step 2:
Eyeball between pom pom's for second row

Step 3:
Style and enjoy!

There are a ton of different ways to dress up a seagrass water basket such as  this one,  or  this one.  I personally am a softy for anything polka dot (so I think our design fits perfectly into baby sis's room!)

If you're looking for more nursery and or little girl room decor ideas, be sure to follow us over in  instagram and watch our stories every Sunday as we pulled the nursery together! We've been calling it, "Sneak Peak Nursery Sunday!!"

Warmly, Steph

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