August 1, 2019

Baby Wearing || Sling Vs. Wrap

Baby wearing
Baby wearing
Baby wearing
Baby wearing

I’ve gone through my own fair share of baby products and gear as a second time mom! So a sling vs. wrap debate? I totally understand why a lot of you asked me to compare. I have the  Solly for the wrap and  Wild Bird for a sling. I’ve tried other brands and designs, though these two are hands down my favorite baby wearing products! So whether you choose a sling or wrap in the end (always based off your own life style and needs) I think you’ll love either one!

Please keep in mind before reading that all opinions expressed below are based off my own experience and that any of the proven benefits described in this post is linked back to the company’s website. 

Baby wearing

Wrap Vs. Sling

Custom Fit
Baby is snuggled as close as can be and just enough to kiss in both (which I’m sure you’ve seen over in Instagram!Each is designed to custom fit your body/baby and this is exactly how each one feels while on. I don’t think one is better than the other on this!

I was actually really surprised to learn the sling was just as comfortable if not more than the wrap.You may be like me in thinking(the sling looked off balanced and wondered if it was at all comfortable?) I truly questioned the designed at first until I tried one on. Now that I have one, I can’t seem to stop using it since it’s so easy to get baby in and out of! In all, both the sling and wrap are equally comfortable. 

I’ve honestly found myself feeling cooler in sling during this summer season since it’s less fabric around my mid-section. (That’s why you’ve seen me wearing it a lot over in Instagram lately!) When our PNW weather cools, I know me. I’ll be picking up the wrap a lot more since all that fabric (and baby) tend to keep me warmer.  

Hands Free
Both truly allow me to have my hands free however, I find myself bringing my other hand to her head more in the sling because it doesn't have that extra layer around the head that the wrap provides. So, with Emma being so little this season (0-6 weeks right now) I like that she gets that extra head and neck support while in the Solly. Full tutorial on this here. 

Compared to the larger sized baby wearing gear out there, both the Solly and Wild Bird pack nicely! Solly even has a sewed in pocket at the end in which you can fold up the fabric to tuck both ends in for neat storage. Either one fits into the diaper bag! 

Getting On & Off
The sling is a winner for this category hands down because you customized it to fit you and your baby at home and it stays that way all day as you take it off and on. You might need to pull a little here and there however, I find this one MUCH quicker! Especially if you're going from the car-to-store, to car-to store-etc. With the wrap it can get tricky real quick with all that fabric if you’re in a parking lot (especially a rainy one!) as you have to rewrap it every time. 

Life of Product
I’ve found after about 1 year (or whenever my child starts walking), I prefer for them to walk and or use the stroller. This is just a personal preference. The sling is designed to fit your baby up to 35 pounds and the wrap 25 according to both websites. You can wear your little one a bit longer with the sling.

Multi Use
I've used the wrap as a baby blanket in the stroller a dozen times already this summer! Although if you’re looking for something besides “baby wearing” or a "blanket." I would have to say the sling is your winner. It allows you to wear your baby front, hip, and back. In addition to being used as a nursing cover. 

Remember that diaper blowout we had this last week on cake pop Friday? It took 24 hours to clean my sling after versus the wrap takes 3 So, the wrap wins on this one because it's also machine washable. Whereas the sling prefers hand wash and or gentle cycle. Then you have to air dry the fabric and iron before baby wearing again. A lot of maintenance as a mom of two!

Baby’s Benefits
The Solly wrap seems to have more research on it's product and proven benefits for the baby overall after comparing the two. If you are interested in the full Solly benefits, you can find them here Both baby wearing products however promote bonding and both I truly love using! It’s hard to say which one I would pick! I find the sling perfect for busy days and the I love the wrap for everyday use around the house. 

Baby wearing
So, yes. I do love using them both! Each product was designed and founded by women (mothers!) and they both are made here in the U.S. I love all the helpful information both companies provide on their websites to consumers in addition to the social media plat forms they give us. Either one, you can’t go wrong!

I hope this helped you decide which one (or both) baby wearing product you want. For a wrap? Solly is by far the most comfortable brand I’ve ever had! And I’ve only tried a Wild Bird sling because it seems to be highly rated everywhere by other moms as mentioned here. The Hip Baby Wrap Sling seems to be another great option (and cheaper!) which you can read more about from the Today Show here. As I always say, you know what’s best for you and your family because your mom. You’ve got this!  : )

And thank you for your readership! It’s truly a joy and honor to do motherhood with you!

Warmly, Steph

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