August 13, 2019

First Day Of School || Outfit Inspiration

toddler girl outfits

First time preschool parents over here! And in exactly 27 days I get to walk Abby into school for her first day! (How did I just typed that sentence...and what year is it anyway?!?!)

So even though it's only for a few hours I've already started thinking about that  "first day outfit" and photo we'll glance back on for years. I can remember the "first day" outfit being SO special as a little girl so I'm excited to do the same for Abby! Not exactly sure what that outfit will be, although the above is certainly what I've been thinking!

I just purchased this  floral backpack online for $15 and it's rated 5/5 star's so I'm excited to get it next week! She doesn't need a backpack but our school director mentioned that it's require for all turning 3's classes to bring an extra set of clothes. So a mini back pack is the most convenient for us.

I usually pair Abby's  chambray dresses 9/10x with a comfy  pink sweater like this  one. Depending on the weather we may need to add these  pink polka dot leggings or these soft and durable  shorts underneath as they have circle time every day. Plus, my mother-in-law told me you can't have a bad day wearing polka dots and I think she's right! (I haven't had one yet while wearing polk-a-dots) I also found these cute  ruffle front shoes and thought they were just the right price and style for preschool! Then to complete any outfit, any day of the week we always add a bow. A handmade bow from a mama's shop we adore and lately it's been a lot of  Tahoom and  Wunderkin because they both have great classic bows!! 

I have a few more school related things coming to the blog soon! Including a couple DIY's and as always thank you for your readership! It's so fun getting to know all of you!

Warmly, Steph

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