September 30, 2022

Spooky Sweet Cardboard Haunted House

 Want to make your own Spooky Sweet DIY Cardboard House?

Blank Cardboard House

DIY Witches Brooms (video tutorial) here or here

Paint Colors (Mini Maker Design Co Paint Kits)

Ghost - Poster Board 

September 22, 2022

Kids Sparkly Spider Web Craft

kids spider web craft
kids spider web craft
kids spider web craft

 These were so fun to make! Lots of glitter + sparkle to create our, “Sparkly Spider Web” paper plate craft. Full tutorial on “How-To” make these can be seen, here.

Happy Making!  Warmly, Steph

September 15, 2022

6+ Intentional BOO Basket Gift Ideas

Halloween Basket Ideas
Halloween Basket Ideas
Halloween Basket Ideas
Halloween Basket Ideas
Each of these Basket Looks have at least 2 of the following intention ideas + items behind them for Spooky Season 💜

Intentional Ideas:
Halloween Costume Accessories
Higher Quality (Dress, Cape etc) to wear again
Dress-Up Collection Item
Pjs (daily wear item)  

Actual Items/Small Businesses

Fabric Crown C/O ElleStory

Moon Wand C/O Kiss.You.Kate

Swan Doll C/O Cuddle+Kind

Personalized Craft Kit

Ghost Garland (Home Goods)

Pink Pumpkin T C\O Everiyla 

Pumpkin Bucket

Pink Spray Paint

Pumpkin Bucket DIY (@mama.jots DIY) tutorial here 

BOO Flag C/O WhimsicalDarlingsCo 


More or less! Your Little + Big BOOs are going to love the effort!  💜Steph 

September 12, 2022

DIY Witches Broom



Full tutorial DIY Witch Broom on either 

Instagram or TikTok

Materials to Make Your Own

Wrapping Paper Roll

Streamers (desired colors)

Plastic Table Cloth 

Rolling Cutter

Acrylic Paint (Ours is the pink + purples from my craft kits over on Etsy -Mini Maker Design Co)

Glitter Gold Ribbon


Kids Spooky Sweet DIY || Jack-O-Latern Night Light


Want to make your own DIY Spooky Sweet Halloween Night Light?

Galvanized Pumpkin

Gold Spray Paint

Hatch Night Light

+ if you liked this idea, you might like the NEW 6 week craft series on Instagram + TikTok called, “Monday Mini Magical Makes” where the girls and I create a new craft each week with Mini Maker Design Cos paint craft kit + whatever else we have in the house ☺️  


September 6, 2022

DIY Ghost Balloons

 White star balloons are from a local party store though I did start an Amazon storefront for a bundle of these because most of my supplies for crafts this fall + holiday season are coming from them lately 😉

Face? Card-stock placed on by a glue stick!