January 8, 2018

Ikea Hack : White & Modern Play Kitchen

I love a good tutorial that breaks down exactly what someone did including links!!! So that's exactly what I have attempted below : ) And just a heads up!... a whole lotta love went into this beauty! A total of three days to paint, dry, build, and top with details and SO worth it! We got the original set for $60 around Ikea's Friends and Family sale on Thanksgiving day!!  All the details and links for what we did to upgrade it is listed below!
What You Will Need:
·      Ikea Play Kitchen
·      SprayPaint: Primer (2-3x)
·      Contact Paper
·      Self-Adhesive Stick on Backsplash (3-4 sheets)
·      Poster Board (White) 36" by 48"
·      Handles (3x)
·      Knobs (2x)
·      Tap on lights

·      Glue Gun
·      Painter's Tape (cover up anything you don't want painted)
·      Drill or screw driver
·      Pen or pencil
·      Exacto Knife (or) Scissors


-  After  -
What We Did: 12 Steps

||  Step 1 || 
Spray paint with primer all of the non-white parts of the kitchen, including the sink, brim of the stove, and the oven knobs.

||  Step 2  || 
Spray paint white, everything you already painted with primer in Step #1.

||  Step 3 ||
Spray paint metallic silver the sink, brim of stove, utensil hangers, utensil pole, and oven knobs.

||  Step 4 || 
Coat all of the details spray painted white and silver with clear sealer (top coat). Let everything completely dry for about 4 hours.

||  Step 5 ||
Follow and complete the assembly directions for Ikea's Play Kitchen (if they get lost during steps 1-4, you can print them off on their website!). Be sure to leave out all three handle bars, as you'll upgrade them later.

||  Step 6 ||
Place the poster board against the upper back half of kitchen. Then trace with a pen or pencil along the inside to create your frame for the back-splash.

||  Step 7 ||
Cut along the trace of the poster board with an exacto knife or scissors, leaving about an inch on the top and bottom to help secure your board onto the kitchen with a glue gun.

||  Step 8 ||
Using the self-adhesive stick on back-splash, start with the bottom of your poster board and work your way across and up to fill the frame. Complete until the entire traced area on your poster board is covered. Now you have your backsplash!

||  Step 9 ||
Use a glue gun and white adhesive tape to secure the board to the back of your upper kitchen.

  ||  Step 10  ||
Mark four dots two inches apart above the stove with a pen or pencil. Then, drill 
   the marked spot to create holes so you can screw in all four oven knobs.

 ||  Step 11 || 
Next secure all three handles bars and click in place your stove and sink.Then stick on two tap-on lights under the upper part of your kitchen.

||  Step 12  ||
Add some fun details! I ordered the polka dot print fabric from spoon flowers and sewed up the edges to create Abby her own little personal wash cloths.

I want to thank each one of you for reading and following along! You're support and encouragement means so much to me! Check back VERY soon as I'll have an updated post on this play kitchen!

Warmly - Steph

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  1. I love this! You did an amazing job.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! We must of did something right because my daughter loves playing in it.

  2. What a super cute idea! Lots of hours of imaginative play ahead with a darling set up like this!

    1. Thank you! We really enjoyed putting it all together.