May 15, 2023

Summer Craft Kits || Mini Maker Design Co

summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids

Ice Cream Truck craft kit comes with second + matching larger size (7 inches)  ice cream cone! 

summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
summer crafts for kids
Mermaid Tails + Narwhals are hand cut. Every piece!
summer crafts for kids

Summer is coming!

+ I couldn't be any more excited to bring back a couple classic designs from when it all first started! #paperplatecrafttues (year long pandemic craft series @mama.jots)

Along side a few new design's for those who still enjoy everything precut + ready to be made (minus paint) from my sister small business, "Mini Maker Design Co" kids craft kits on Etsy!

What's Launching this Thursday 5/18 - 8am PST/11am EST?!

Narwhal (via 2020)

Mermaid Tail (Via 2021)

Ice Cream Truck (2023)

Seashell (2021)

Warmly, Steph

If you would like to get 2 craft kits in one box for a discount, use promo code: STACKME when checking out for a discount this weekend!

NOTE: Craft Mat in the photo above is sold separately from @CHEEKSBRAND which we shared all about how much we love them earlier this spring which you can check out here! 


May 4, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Gift x DIY Gift Card

2 of my favorite things as a past teacher (public + private) for receiving gifts was hand written notes + messages from my students (or art!) and gift cards : )

In both situations, especially "public" school educators we ended up paying for a good amount of things themselves. So I love gifting for my girls Teachers! (even if that's just a couple $7 coffee treats) 

Supplies for this one (including a writing prompt for littles!) below

Paper Gift Box:


Acrylic paint for all details (gold, white + baby pink)

Pencil Gift Card Holder:

Card stock (pink, yellow, tan + black)

Glitter gold + silver card stock 

Making Note:

Remember you'll need scissors + a glue stick! I found stacking a book on top of the craft once glued helped it all stay flat and intact.

Can't wait to see how you make this one! Either now, or end of school year as a big "Thank you! "Happy Making! 

Warmly, Steph 

Our writing prompt


April 18, 2023

DIY Personalized Craft Kits || Travel Edition

 Made these DIY Personalized Travel Craft Kits "on-the-go" as a twist to the girls xmas gifts craft kits which you can see here. Then for each pocket, I listed + linked everything below. 

Pocket 1:

Pocket 2:

Pocket 3:
Dollar Sport coloring packets + mini activity kit

Pocket 4:
Play Dough from Micheals Craft Stores

Then if you would like to see "HOW" I ironed on the girls names to the bags, I save that to a story highlight here+ or full video on the concept here.

Warmly, Steph