April 17, 2021

Mini Maker Design Co!

Introducing, Mini Maker Design Co!! 
Almost every business starts out on the dinning room table and as of April 9th 2021, I have join the club! As you know, we've been making + sharing paper plate crafts with my oldest, (4.8 years old) for about a year now... from the beginning, it's always been a passion + joy in creating magical, fun, and yet simple paper plate crafts.

Fast forward one year later + the love for these creations have grown to a size which it felt like it was long over due to open up shop!! Which I'm so thankful + still can't believe we sold out of our craft kits during it's first weekend of launching! Thank you!!!! Everyone!!

 I can't wait to start making some fun new designs + craft kits for you and your family at home with fun + helpful video demos to go along with them! While also bringing back some of our favorites! We'll have a new design very soon (keep your eyes on Instagram stories for the next date + time @mama.jots) And we'll also have something BIG coming for Mini Maker Design Co right as summer hits! Can't wait to share soon!!! As the great artist Lola Dutch once said, "Creativity takes courage, forward friends!"

Introducing our first craft kit designs

Next restock date coming soon! 

March 22, 2021

DIY Doormat || BE HOPPY

DIY Doormat

Blank Doormat  ||  My Pink Dress  ||  More Fun Doormats (non-DIY) here! 

Of all the DIY doormats designs + sayings I've done this one has to be the quickest + most budget friendly as it took just about 90 minutes or less using 4 supplies (blank doormat, card stock, white paint + a sponge brush!) The front porch decor was simply to help others feel + BE HOPPY this spring! Here's how I made this one.

DIY Doormat How To:

1) Printed out, "Be Hoppy" in French Script Size 650 on card stock paper. Then just, letter "B" capitoalized in size 650. 

2) Exactor knife to cut inside the "B" for one rectangle then once I was "in" cut the entire letter out with my gold scissors which reeaallllyyy speed up the cutting process!

3) Dabbed white acrylic paint up + down over the DIY card stock, "Be Hoppy" stencil with two coats (basically all the paint!) to make the white bold.

4) Spray with sealer + done!

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