December 4, 2022

DIY Advent Calendar || w/Dear Jane Printable Activities

Supplies I used to make this years DIY Advent Calendar was a combination of what I already had + a few things to me it fresh!


Star Wrapping Paper

Gold Clothes Pins (similar here)

Gift Tags

Card stock (in desired colors)

Glue Stick

Number Stickers

Pre-made Printable's (Dear Jane Printable's)

Garland - Trader Joes

Pink Velvet Ribbon

Chunky Pink Ribbon

Gold Bells

Star Ribbon

+ Pinky Promise to get this one up + ready sooner for you next year : ) Tis the Season!

Warmly, Steph

School House DIY Gingerbread Teacher Gift

Basically cut the edges of the paper bags off in rectangles to then use them for the roof above bell + sides. Want to make your own?


Brown paper gift bags

White sharpie pen

Hole punch 


Yarn or ribbon 

Craft tutorial on this one can be seen, here

December 3, 2022

DIY Personalized Kids Craft Supply Box || GIFT


kids craft supplies

Personalized Craft Kit Gift filled with supplies to last all winter break long! 🙌🏻 Something my own mom made for me as a kid + one gift I know will keep on giving… Mom win!✨ What’s in our kit? 

Abby's Purple Box 

Emma's Pink Box (Took out 95% of supplies)

Water Color Gel Crayons

Butterfly Design Scissors

Pink Paint Brushes


More craft supply ideas we love (or I'm gifting the girls) can be found here.

Warmly, Steph

November 23, 2022

Crafty Kids Gift Guide


Crafty things above are what my girls and I love using (except for the paint set as I just loved the colors!) and a couple things they are actually getting this year which I'll be sharing fun way I’m "gifting them" the craft items over on Instagram + TikTok shortly after Thanksgiving! ☺️

All items can be found/linked directly here. Enjoy!

Warmly, Steph 

November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft || 3 Ways


thanksgiving kids craft

These little Turkey guys + gals can be made for 3 various things; DIY decor, a fall festive garland + or place setting (which is what we're using them for) We'll be hosting! You can see and hear a short voice over demo on how we made these here.

 + so however you decide to make and create these... we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmly, Steph

November 20, 2022

Wrapping For The Crafty + Classic At Heart

Since many loved my wrapping finds last year, decided to get a jump start on it for all of us by sharing this time round as I find things (actually styled + completed a week or so) You can find where everything is resourced above here.

Happy Thanksgiving Week Crafty Friends!

Warmly, Steph

November 14, 2022

Snowman/Gal Craft Ornament

Ornament craft snowman
Ornament craft snowman
Ornament craft snowman
Ornament craft snowman

DIY Knit Beanie Snowman/Gals 

With a fun flip for your child's face! Week 2's Monday Mini Magical Makes Series is a few craft concepts all rolled together in one using of course, one of my fav supplies... the cardboard box from Mini Maker Design Co's craft kits!

Want To Make Your Own?


Yarn (our colors here!) Pink, + Soft Green

Pom-Pom maker (used pink/2nd smallest size here)

Felt (desired colors - our pink here + purple here)

Wooden Round Ornament 

White acrylic paint

Mod Podge + Photo of Child

Paint Brush (I love these!)

Fabric Scissors 

Glue Gun

Tinsel or ribbon to hang 

Video tutorial on making this can be seen, here!

Warmly, Steph


November 4, 2022

Christmas Craft Kits for Kids

Mini Maker Design CO

Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids
Christmas Crafts for kids

All designs will also be showing up both here + on all social media channels - Instagram + Tik Tok before they launch : ) Along with a few new Christmas DIY's, a new series announcement + sharing some fun ways to display these gems in your home this holiday season.

Jolly-Jingle it's November 1st! Now let's Fa-la-la-la-LA LA LA! 
Warmly, Steph


All craft kit designs launch 11/10 4pm PST (over on Etsy) can click straight to it below!

November 1, 2022

Cardboard House Hack


From this, our Halloween cardboard house. To…

cardboard house
To this!!
cardboard house

A Gingerbread house all by just turning our cardboard house inside out! 

Then I used this white sharpie marker to draw on all details above for my girls so we have yet again, another “new” play house for the holiday season.🎄

Happy Making! 
Warmly, Steph 

October 24, 2022

Monday Mini Magical Makes || Full Series

Kids Halloween Crafts

kids Halloween crafts

kids Halloween crafts

DIY Witches Brooms
Made from wrapping paper rolls, crepe paper + plastic table cloths. Full demo/tutorial on how I made the with for the girls (after they painted the brooms) with Mini Maker Design Co's paint kits, here!

kids Halloween crafts
- 2 -
Sparkly Spider Web Craft
Full web is a paper plate! (back to my roots) the rest is made with card stock, paint + glitter. 
Full demo/tutorial on making this one, here.

kids Halloween crafts
- 3 -
Movie Snack Box
Painted Target dollar spot section "coffee" crates with our Mini Maker Design Co paint kit colors, pink + purple. Then used Mod Podge to glue Whimsical Darling Cos printable to the box (super fun for kids!) 

kids Halloween crafts
- 4 -
5 Little Pumpkins (Light up Craft!)
This one was a spin off/influenced by "Easy Peasy"pumpkins craft! 

We just made it our own by making 5 faces, various sizes (small to large/full plate) + making the base designs a bit longer by glueing cardboard in between the front and back. 

kids Halloween crafts
- 5 -
Spooky Family Portrait

This was certainly a fav from the series both for my girls! + the community! Printed out on card stock, then painted right on top making, "Halloween Costumes" for each family member. Or as I did, a full ghost family portrait : )

I hope this series has been as much  fun for you + your littles as it has for us while we head into the official spooky season week!! B👻👻 YES! 10/31 is almost here!!

Warmly, Steph 

September 30, 2022

Spooky Sweet Cardboard Haunted House

 Want to make your own Spooky Sweet DIY Cardboard House?

Blank Cardboard House

DIY Witches Brooms (video tutorial) here or here

Paint Colors (Mini Maker Design Co Paint Kits)

Ghost - Poster Board 

September 22, 2022

Kids Sparkly Spider Web Craft

kids spider web craft
kids spider web craft
kids spider web craft

 These were so fun to make! Lots of glitter + sparkle to create our, “Sparkly Spider Web” paper plate craft. Full tutorial on “How-To” make these can be seen, here.

Happy Making!  Warmly, Steph

September 15, 2022

6+ Intentional BOO Basket Gift Ideas

Halloween Basket Ideas
Halloween Basket Ideas
Halloween Basket Ideas
Halloween Basket Ideas
Each of these Basket Looks have at least 2 of the following intention ideas + items behind them for Spooky Season 💜

Intentional Ideas:
Halloween Costume Accessories
Higher Quality (Dress, Cape etc) to wear again
Dress-Up Collection Item
Pjs (daily wear item)  

Actual Items/Small Businesses

Fabric Crown C/O ElleStory

Moon Wand C/O Kiss.You.Kate

Swan Doll C/O Cuddle+Kind

Personalized Craft Kit

Ghost Garland (Home Goods)

Pink Pumpkin T C\O Everiyla 

Pumpkin Bucket

Pink Spray Paint

Pumpkin Bucket DIY (@mama.jots DIY) tutorial here 

BOO Flag C/O WhimsicalDarlingsCo 


More or less! Your Little + Big BOOs are going to love the effort!  💜Steph 

September 12, 2022

DIY Witches Broom



Full tutorial DIY Witch Broom on either 

Instagram or TikTok

Materials to Make Your Own

Wrapping Paper Roll

Streamers (desired colors)

Plastic Table Cloth 

Rolling Cutter

Acrylic Paint (Ours is the pink + purples from my craft kits over on Etsy -Mini Maker Design Co)

Glitter Gold Ribbon


Kids Spooky Sweet DIY || Jack-O-Latern Night Light


Want to make your own DIY Spooky Sweet Halloween Night Light?

Galvanized Pumpkin

Gold Spray Paint

Hatch Night Light

+ if you liked this idea, you might like the NEW 6 week craft series on Instagram + TikTok called, “Monday Mini Magical Makes” where the girls and I create a new craft each week with Mini Maker Design Cos paint craft kit + whatever else we have in the house ☺️  


September 6, 2022

DIY Ghost Balloons

 White star balloons are from a local party store though I did start an Amazon storefront for a bundle of these because most of my supplies for crafts this fall + holiday season are coming from them lately 😉

Face? Card-stock placed on by a glue stick! 

August 31, 2022

DIY Pumpkin Bucket 2022 || Lilac!


diy pumpkin bucket pink lilac
diy pumpkin bucket pink
diy pumpkin bucket pink
diy pumpkin bucket pink

Big + Little BOO baskets for 2022! These have certainly evolved since my first via 2019 (pink pumpkin bucket upgrade) and yet this years just might be my fav!  What to make your own?!

What you’ll need…

Pumpkin Bucket (this brand is my fav! Great quality)

DIY Printable Flags - collaboration w/Whimsical Darlings Co) 

Thin Paint Brush

If you liked these, you like the other years I've done "BOO Baskets" with these other upgraded Pumpkin Bucket looks!

Warmly, Steph

August 28, 2022

Halloween Craft Kits || Mini Maker Design CO

halloween crafts for kids kits
It's here! BOO yes!

Welcome our NEW "Trick-Or-Treater" craft kits! A Princess, Mummy + or Magical Ghost for Mini Maker Design CO 2022 Halloween collection! Each designs allows you to pick and choose your colors along with the pumpkin bucket for trick-or-treating.

The Princess
halloween crafts for kids kits
halloween crafts for kids kits
halloween crafts for kids kits
halloween crafts for kids kits
halloween crafts for kids kits
Option to choose your Princess's Hair, Skin Tone + Dress.

The Magical Ghost
halloween crafts for kids kits
halloween crafts for kids kits
halloween crafts for kids kits
Option to choose your color + matching pumpkin bucket (every kit is precut)

halloween crafts for kids kits
Pink, Lilac or green for Mummy base color with coordinating pumpkin bucket.

halloween crafts for kids kits

Also, craft kits are now getting personal. Literally! As you can now choose to get an "Add-On" for your Mini Makers craft kit by personally them with their names for BOO Baskets.

Horizontal or vertical (you can choose where you'd like your mini makers name placed

Paint Kits come either just as colors (or with white paint) to prime your old pumpkins as a base coat before "magically" turning them into a new color! 

Or following along on Instagram / Tiktok this September + October to get some fun ideas for making + creating Spooky Sweet crafts with your paint kit! As what I create will be done with this paint kit : )

For FAQ's, details + video 3D looks etc, you can check any of following social media channels

Instagram  @mama.jots

TikTok  @mamajots

All Halloween craft kits + pumpkin paint options launch 9/1! BOO YES!!

Warmly, Steph