June 9, 2021

Girls Craft Party || Mini Maker Design Co X EllieAndPiperCO

craft party
craft party
craft party
craft party
craft party
craft party
craft party

Resources for the girls "Mini Maker" party setup 

Party Craft Kits (Rainbow Design)

DIY Star Balloon Chandelier (full video demo here)

Pink Cups (to rinse water) 

Rainbow Napkins (dry brushes)

Decorating Question + Tip:
I used packaging tape to hang each star balloon by making a "X" over each piece of string after tying it to each balloon. Next, I pressed the "X"shape onto our ceiling. And to answer a great questions over in Instagram it does not ruin our paint! Our ceilings are painted "dover white" by Sherwin Williams. Hope this helps! 

Warmly, Steph

June 4, 2021

Unicorn Food


unicorn food

What You'll Need:
1 Chex Mix Snack Bag
1 Bugles Bag
1 White candy melt bag
1 Pink candy melt bag
1 Purple candy melt bag
1 Teal candy melt bag
Parchment paper 

Pour bag of Bungles into a bowl. 
Then melt white candy melts in microwave for 1-2 minutes (stopping to stir in between)

Pour white candy melt over bungles + stir. Set aside.

Lay parchment paper out on top of a cookie sheet. 
Then pour entire bag of Chex Mix on the parchment paper. 

Melt all candy melts in separate bowls. 
Then pour into piping bags or zip lock bags and cut off the ends of each.

Drizzle 1/2 of the piping bag candy melts over Chex Mix both horizontal + vertically to make it look like scribbles.

Sprinkle in marshmallows + drizzle last half of your candy melts on top.

Full video on making this treat can be seen, here!

Warmly, Steph

June 2, 2021

DIY Magical Land + Sea Wrapping

All Ribbon Hobby Lobby

This year the girls are having a family only joint Birthday celebration as it's been so long since we've been safely able to get together! Everyone's beyond excited!!! Hence all the making, creating + decorating overload these next few days : )

Warmly, Steph

June 1, 2021

Summertime Girl Birthday Gift

Each girl is getting a "Summertime water proof bag" filled with a few fun things for all those sunny + sandy PNW days ahead! Today in fact, we hit 83! If you too are looking for some fun ideas, I'm delighted to share ours below!

  Maya The Mermaid C/O Cuddle + Kind 
 Sparkle SPF50 Sunscreen

May 16, 2021

Unicorn Snack + Sprinkles Everything!


unicorn snack

Almost exactly a year + I still get asked to make this Unicorn magical treat from my biggest girl! In all, I've learned adding sprinkles to just about anything + everything, instantly makes a meal magical  : ) Here's what I did.

Head: Yogurt

Main: Whip cream + sprinkles

Eye: Blueberry

Horn: Waffle cone

Enjoy! + can't wait to share all the major projects I've been working on with you starting this week for Paper Plate Craft Tuesday! 

Summer is just about here..... Ekkkkk!

Warmly, Steph

May 6, 2021

Let's Create Unicorn Magic!

Meet our new Pastel Colored Unicorn! 
She's full of soft + whimsical rainbow colors for summer and one I've been thinking of upgrading for awhile now. Video tutorial with voice over instructions on how we made her can be seen  here

And yes!! She'll be added to the rainbow craft kit restock over in the,  Mini Maker Design Co  this Friday 5/7 at 8am PST || 11am EST!!

April 22, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Spring

May Day paper plate craft

Mother's Day Gift Paper Plate Craft  || Tulip Flower Basket

Something fun to do with + or for mom this Mothers Day! Voice over instructions for a slower more detail demo on "How-To" make this craft can be seen + heard  here!

umbrella paper plate craft

May Day Paper Plate Craft | Umbrella 

A fun twist on the typical umbrella paper plate craft by making it into a basket for flowers so that this very well could be gifted on May Day! Detailed voice instructions on "How-To" make this design can be seen + heard  here!

paper plate crafts spring rainbow

It may not be a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow, though it still sure is magical! Video demo on, "How To" in 33 seconds can be watched,  here!   I'm so excited about the new light and bright designs coming to  Mama Jots website -  Instagram -  YouTube  + TikTok and of courseMini Maker Design Co!! Then last, my  gold scissors  (which I've been using + loving for over a year now) you can find  here.

Then on Friday 4/23 at 8am PST we will have another  Mini Maker Design Co "mini" restock of our Unicorn, May Day Tulip Flower Basket restocked! Along with limited quantities of our umbrella May Day gift! Then be sure to watch  Instagram for our next new design as summer theme craft kits will launch the first of May! Along with something BIG coming next month!! Can't wait to share soon!

Warmly, Steph

April 17, 2021

Mini Maker Design Co!

Introducing, Mini Maker Design Co!! 
Almost every business starts out on the dinning room table and as of April 9th 2021, I have join the club! As you know, we've been making + sharing paper plate crafts with my oldest, (4.8 years old) for about a year now... from the beginning, it's always been a passion + joy in creating magical, fun, and yet simple paper plate crafts.

Fast forward one year later + the love for these creations have grown to a size which it felt like it was long over due to open up shop!! Which I'm so thankful + still can't believe we sold out of our craft kits during it's first weekend of launching! Thank you!!!! Everyone!!

 I can't wait to start making some fun new designs + craft kits for you and your family at home with fun + helpful video demos to go along with them! While also bringing back some of our favorites! We'll have a new design very soon (keep your eyes on Instagram stories for the next date + time @mama.jots) And we'll also have something BIG coming for Mini Maker Design Co right as summer hits! Can't wait to share soon!!! As the great artist Lola Dutch once said, "Creativity takes courage, forward friends!"

Introducing our first craft kit designs

Next restock date coming soon! 

March 22, 2021

DIY Doormat || BE HOPPY

DIY Doormat

Blank Doormat  ||  My Pink Dress  ||  More Fun Doormats (non-DIY) here! 

Of all the DIY doormats designs + sayings I've done this one has to be the quickest + most budget friendly as it took just about 90 minutes or less using 4 supplies (blank doormat, card stock, white paint + a sponge brush!) The front porch decor was simply to help others feel + BE HOPPY this spring! Here's how I made this one.

DIY Doormat How To:

1) Printed out, "Be Hoppy" in French Script Size 650 on card stock paper. Then just, letter "B" capitoalized in size 650. 

2) Exactor knife to cut inside the "B" for one rectangle then once I was "in" cut the entire letter out with my gold scissors which reeaallllyyy speed up the cutting process!

3) Dabbed white acrylic paint up + down over the DIY card stock, "Be Hoppy" stencil with two coats (basically all the paint!) to make the white bold.

4) Spray with sealer + done!

If you really liked this DIY doormat you might also like the other designs + ideas for other holidays saved here on Instagram under the story highlight, "DIY Doormats."

March 14, 2021

Big + Little Bunny || Girls Easter Baskets

Girls Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets
Abby (4.7 years)
Lucy The Lamb Special Pastel Colors C/O Cuddle + Kind
Swiss Dot Shoes C/O Mon Petite 
Big Bunny Flag Mama Jots collaboration x C/O Whimsical Darlings Co
Bunny Dolls + Accessories C/O Moon Flower

Girls Easter Baskets
Emma (1.7 years)
Hannah The Bunny C/O Cuddle + Kind 
Sunnies - Target dollar spot
Swiss Dot Shoes C/O Mon Petite 
Little Bunny Flag Mama Jots collaboration x C/O Whimsical Darlings Co

And if you like this years Easter Basket! As it's honestly my favorite bunny baskets I've done so far... you might also like last years Easter Basket designs, here!

March 2, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Easter Series

paper plate craft Easter
The Bunny is back! + this time in pink with gold whiskers! 
Video demo for this craft can be seen here.

Easter paper plate crafts
Egg pastel wreath was a concept inspired by the actual real DIY decor rainbow egg wreath from The House That Lars. So to make one with AND for littles we picked my 4.7 year olds favorite colors (pink + purple) and added a little more white paint each time in achieving the various shades of pink + purple. As shown above!

Easter Egg paper plate craft

Flower crown decorated Easter egg for our first paper plate craft this Easter holiday season! All the pinks, purples and soft colors in general are inspired by my 4.7 year old who loves all things girly + princess. Full demo breaking down how we layered everything, can be seen  here. 


February 28, 2021

Sun + Rainbow || Paper Plate Craft + Toy


paper plate craft sun and rainbow

Spring weather maker + shakers as a craft/toy which I thought would be fun as it is educational for our girls! We used uncooked noodles and both we're created in 25 minutes post bedtime. Full 33 second demo on the rainbow raincloud can be seen here + the golden sun, here! 

February 10, 2021

Daddy-Daughter(s) Valentines Brunch

valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch

daddy-daughter valentines brunch

This is one of our favorite traditions as a family since we started doing it with Abby via 2019 (year 3 now!) Using our DIY upgrade pink table and chairs set, I always do a little decor with a few balloons either up in the air or down on the floor. You can see last years brunch  here + our very first one  here! 

Resources + Links:

3 Tier White Heart Tray

Emma's Dress

Emma's Bow C/O Sweet Melon Co

Emma's Gold Shoes

Abby's Dress

Abby's Bow - ZoZu Baby 2019

Abby's Gold Shoes

Heart stir sticks C/O Modern Birch Co

Table + Chair Set (DIY - Spray Painted)

All garlands Pearl + Jane

Daddy's Shoes 

February 2, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Valentines Day

paper plate craft valentines day
Fancy Chocolates from a chocolate box for another Valentines Day craft for littles! Complete demo can be found  here!
Valentines paper crafts
Heart air balloons! This concept was for the girls Valentine's Day basket late year which you can see here. Then to see under 1 minute how we made these, watch here! 

Valentines paper crafts
Red + pink heart Valentine holders with a nice pocket to hold all those notes from family, friends + or classmates! To see how we made this 3D, a video demo can be seen here!

January 28, 2021

DIY + Free Valentine Printable Adventures

 Kelsey Klos x Mama Jots (Steph)

free valentine printable
free valentine printable
free valentine printable
free valentine printable

 Kelsey Klos  + I collaborated on designing 3 magical backgrounds for your little mini maker to color + create this heart day holiday season!  With all this time being spent at home I knew putting together a mini coloring activity for Abby's class of 9 (included her!) was something she'd love to give as well color herself! While equally, being a gift to the parents.   : )

My friend Kelsey is a creative force within herself styling and designing constantly for small businesses including her own co-owned company,  House of FeteAlong with a recent magazine spread in Good House Keeping + Green Wedding Shoes. 

So today... we're so excited to bring you this fun little DIY/activity/Valentine to help celebrate + encourage all the mini makers and holiday heart lovers alike! Truly can't wait to see all the fun + colorful + magical worlds they will create! Then come find us on Instagram! @kelseyklos @mama.jots

Click  here  to download the free Valentine coloring adventures! 

DIY Supplies
Burgundy card stock 
Pink card stock
(+or download printable version here)
Gold sticker letters 
(+ or divide giant mini colored pencil box and place in cookie bags)