September 15, 2021

Little's DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar with Dear Jane Printable's

Paper Chain Halloween Countdown C/O Dear Jane Printable's



Pink Spray Paint

The Halloween paper chain craft took us 20-30 minutes to make together (created it with my 5 year old daughter) as I cut the pieces and then she would glue/paste them together. Really quick, simple + fun activity together! 

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Spooky Girls Room 2020

Warmly, Steph 


September 9, 2021

Mini Maker Design Co || Halloween Craft Kits For Kids 9/10 7am PST

Boo Pumpkin Bucket Kit
halloween craft kits for kids
  Pink, Dark Pink, Soft Orange + Purple
(All 4 colors come in one BOO kit!)

NOTE: Mini glue bottle(s) come inside to help make the design 3D, however if you want to place heavy items inside, we recommend a glue gun to piece your pumpkin bucket pieces together. 


halloween craft kits for kids
halloween craft kits for kids
Green, Pink, Dark Pink, Soft Orange + Purple (purple shown is brighter than real color)

Witch Hat's 
+ Color Combo Ideas

halloween craft kits for kidshalloween Craft kits for kidshalloween craft kits for kits

Pink, Dark Pink, Soft Orange, Purple + Black

Witch Hats will be personalized in that you get to choose first, the color of your witch hat(s) or hat + 2, the color of your brim + stars. (NOTE: If you want different colored stars AND brim, just place it in the "NOTE" section during check out as Etsy only allows 2 variations. Happy to make your witch hat, brim + star 3 different colors (with the ones available)

All 3 of these designs + kits launch Friday 9/10 at 7am PST || 10am EST
To get a "bundle" pack for all three kits, you can use the promo code "BUNDLEPACK3" as this will cut down on packaging supplies, thus giving you a discount! Keep in mind, this just means your Witch Hat or Hat(s) will be package inside the Mummy Kit.

Super excited about this series for Mini Maker Design Co on Etsy!! + can't wait to get our first collection of Halloween designs in your mini maker hands so they can create beautiful and creative takes on these designs!  As always, thank you for shopping small. You're the BEST community.

Warmly, Steph


September 3, 2021

DIY Halloween Costume Round-Up || Sibling + Baby Wearing

Sibling DIY Halloween Costumes
diy halloween costumes
Princess + The Pea

diy halloween costumes
Tooth Fairy + Baby Tooth

diy halloween costumes

4 Little Swans x Cuddle+Kind

diy halloween costumes

Gilbert + Meow
diy halloween costumes
diy halloween costumes
Magical Witches

DIY Halloween Costumes
diy halloween costumes

diy halloween costumes
Cat + Mouse

diy halloween costumes
2 Scoops Please!

diy halloween costumes
diy halloween costumes
Cake Pops!

Baby Wearing DIY Halloween Costume 
diy halloween costumes

diy halloween costumes
Rain cloud + Sun =
Rainbow (2018 our take!)

And if you liked these simple yet crafty DIY Halloween Costumes I’ve been working on a  DIY costume board over on  Pinterest which includes so other fun ideas from other companies! I mean, aren’t September Sundays meant for glancing at Pinterest? Then we can go make it in fall… any other Boo?!👻

Warmly, Steph 


September 2, 2021

DIY Doormat "BOO All The Things"

Then let's go #paintallthepumpkins

This years DIY doormat (specifically the colors) are inspired from my favorite year round pallet of soft pastel pinks, purple, gold + white then added a hint of black to make it spooky and sweet! + the pink pointy shoes?! I'm calling them my "witch shoes" for BOO Season! 

DIY Doormat + Photo Resources

Black Acrylic Paint

Cricut (the one I have)

Star Garland 


August 28, 2021

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins
After two years of collecting pumpkins, decided this spooky season needed a fresh start! So last week I painted them all white (2 coats) + repainted each one to use again this year! + I’m excited to say 3/5 shown above are back in stores  + online again this year over at Micheals Craft Store as that brand has been my favorite to paint on (because of the texture + thick stem) especially if you plan to have your littles paint a few : )

DIY Pumpkin + Star Sticker Upgrade 

(Can also DIY your own Star stickers by tracing either a star sticker, star cookie cutter or desired star sizes printed out to trace on back of vinyl. Then cut out your star shapes/stickers!)

Believe this helps answer all Qs from Instagram! + Excited to keep the Autumn/Fall + Spooky season fun going this next week!! Especially #paperplatecrafttues as I’ll share the first NEW design for Mini Maker Designs Co Halloween launch Tuesday ✨

Warmly, Steph 

August 23, 2021

Back To School Photo || First Day of Kindergarten

Back To School Photo Ideas
Back To School Photo Ideas
Back To School Photo Ideas
Back To School Photo Ideas
Back To School Photo Ideas
Back To School Photo Ideas
Back To School Photo Ideas

 Dear Girl, 
Every inch you are + may every inch you always be.
Love, Mom

The DIY ruler back to school photo idea was intentionally created using the main concepts we’ve been teaching our daughter anytime she try’s something new. Then the words, “Strong” + “Brave” I made sure were in there as they are the last line in one of my daughters favorite books right now, “Brave Year Of First,” gifted by her Aunt + Uncle. A great read to help littles learn that they can be brave, strong + that it’s ok to feel how they feel along the way while trying new things. Plus I LOVE, the heavy emphasis that learning brings all kinds of emotions. Ups + downs!

Then everything for the first day of school milestone photo idea is resourced below. 

Apple dress

Apple necklace C/O Little Blue Olive

Pink back pack 

Glitter pink boots

First day of Kindergarten flag

Ruler DIY board

Ruler wooden letters

Studio DIY apple balloons  (originally in red) 

Mini Maker Design Co Teacher Apple Craft Kit Gift 

Brave Year of First Book 

Wishing all of you + your littles a great start to the school season!! Tears, hugs, butterfly bellies and all.

Warmly, Steph 

August 12, 2021

Mini Maker Favorites || Craft Supplies

mini maker craft supplies
mini maker craft supplies
mini maker supplies
mini maker craft supplies

Our Mini Maker Craft Favorites 

 (We color coordinate our colored pencils in it)

(Almost just like moms!)

(Makes learning fun!)

(Cover up all those favorite dresses w/out changing clothes)

(Makes cleaning fun)

(Just for fun!)

(Again, just for fun)

Star + Pastel Color Bracelet w/"A" Charm for Abby
Special Back-To-School gift from Mom

That's it! Lots of these could also be fun for holiday seasonal gifts and or items to slowly add to your mini makers craft supplies. Just takes time + if you like this post, you might also like;


August 10, 2021

#ProudMiniMaker || Monthly Craft Kit Giveaway!

mini maker design co
mini maker design co
mini maker design co
mini maker design co
mini maker design co
SO excited! As today I get to announce a fun idea all of you gave me months ago as you + your mini makers kept tagging @mama.jots + sharing your paper plate craft artwork week after week over on Instagram for our #paperplatecrafttues series!  Especially those Mini Maker Design Co craft kits : ) Also know as, MMDC.

So today... I'm delighted to say let's keep tagging @mama.jots as you did before though add in the hashtag #proudminimaker + each month on the first Tuesday I'll giveaway a $30 shop credit (2 craft kits) to Mini Maker Design Co! : ) 

Our first winner will be announced Tuesday September 7th! So hopefully lots of time to make + create as we gear up for "Back-To-School" with the apple, bus, or pencil design. And or a something just because like our rainbow! Our signature design + classic for Mini Maker Design Co. Then those who create, share + tag with the actual Mini Maker Design Co craft kits, will automatically be entered for 3x! A total of 3 entires! 

Can't wait to see what your #proudminimaker brings to life. 

"Creativity Takes Courage, Forward Friends!" - Lola Dutch (my spirit animal)

Warmly, STEPH) 

P.S. Tutorial how I made this DIY craft display can be seen here!

August 7, 2021

DIY Craft Yearbook || Kindergarten


diy craft yearbook

During that true "golden hour" in motherhood (as I like to say happen's post bedtime) created this  Kindergarten craft yearbook cover for my oldest, Abby. Inside is the printable book I put together last year which you can download your own blank version of the craft prompts on  this post.

August 1, 2021

Girls Room || DIY Purple Dresser


girls room diy dresser
girls room diy dresser
girls room diy dresser
girls room diy dresser

A little DIY upgrade for our 5 year olds room included the lightest + softest shade of purple we could find. Correction. "I" could find!  (light lavender) by Sherwin Williams. VOC paint which we use anytime painting is needed in our home.. as many of you know.

                                                              Projection time commitment?
24hours! With an extra hour or so of folding clothes + putting them away. Details of the overall style is recoursed below.


Unfurnished Dresser

Gold Frame Mirror

Gold Champagne Knobs

Bow Hooks


 Flamingo Costume