June 26, 2018

Backyard Summer Fun // Toddler Style

Some of the best memories made are without shoes.

From front porch ice cream eats, to pink picnic lunches, to kiddie pool splashes, almost all of these memories have been made barefooted in and or around our home. 

Here in the Pacific Northwest, summer usually arrives in mid-July, so we’re extremely grateful for an early summer season! And since afternoon nap time for a two-year old keeps us home for the second half of the day, we are more than excited to go play in the backyard as the afternoon blurs into evening.  

Where else can you eat half a watermelon in between sprints from your flamingo pool to your sprinkler? And as a proud girl-mom of a toddler, there aren’t too many places I can sit down and actual stay there while my little one runs arounds.

Backyard hangs are, ah-mazing. 

Even though we’ve barely scratched off everything on our summer bucket list, it’s so nice to have it started! So today, I thought I'd share what we've added to the backyard space, in creating some classic kid summer fun. 

Here is what we're loving.

//  1  //  2   //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8  //  9  // 

Abby has a lot of sunnies, although this is the only pair she will keep on for a long period of time. I think it's because the lens frame is super smooth and really comfortable on (yes, I put them on too).
Truthfully, Abby constantly takes her summer hat's on and off all the time though with her fair skin, I’m comprise with it being on 50% of the day. 

I really bought this for the terry cloth material since it helps keep her and the house dry while we go in and out for snacks, diaper changers and or lunch if it’s too hot. Plus, we will use it again for swim lesson’s next month.
This is my favorite swimsuit she owns because of how sweet it looks on! The little flamingo ruffles on the side, just warm my girl-mom heart right up, every time.   

This is designed and meant for adult's, although when I saw it on this DIY website, I knew Abby would love playing in it since she just loves playing will all types of pool floats. Plus, we plan on using it in the pool during our little family vacation next month. 

I got ours 60% off two years ago from another company and unfortunately they don't make our exact flamingo soul sister anymore, this one is very similar as shown above and only $17.85! They even have a swan pool which I'm very tempted to get. 

This was a gift from Steve and I to Abby for her 2nd Birthday and she loves it! Especially she loves to try and  “touch” the flowers. Plus it helps water our yard, so a parent and child win-win.
This is really helpful for lunch time! And it’s a great way to serve appetizer’s over the summer if you are hosting a lot of BBQ's, like we will be doing all summer long!

This classic sandal is our go to footwear since she can get it wet in and out of the pool, on the rocky PNW shore, splash pad, ect. Abby wears these sandals almost every day in the summer. These and or she’s bare foot at home. 

And now, a few photos of our favorite things in action, because you can never have too many for a blog post on summer fun.  ; )

By giving you a peek into our backyard summer fun. I hope this post helps inspires to create your own barefoot memories with your kid(s). No summer weather yet? 

Go ahed and pin the "Toddler Girl // Backyard Hangs" photo for later. And happy backyard hangs mama!

Warmly, Steph

June 19, 2018

DIY // Welcome Sign

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You know that feeling your local coffee shop gives you? The sense of what's on the other side is warm, inviting, and comfortable? You know that feeling?

That is the exact experience we strive for when others are invited into our home. So, 2 years ago, I started the tradition of personalizing a welcome sign to recreate that feeling for friends, neighbors and family. 

The Frame
We purchased our chalkboard from Amazon and although our exact frame is sold out. This one and this one are both very similar and also from Amazon. To give it a more polished look, I painted the frame white with two coats. 

The welcome sign needed to be clear, simple, and yet kid friendly as we were having 5 little girls attend. So, a quick step-by-step tutorial on how I created our welcome sign, is below (with pictures!).

Welcome Sign Tutorial

// 1 //

On your computer, create & organize your desired font. Then print it off. 

// 2 //
Next, using compressed graphite rub over the entire back of the your print out.

// 3 //
Place your print out on top of the chalk board so that the graphite side you just rubbed, is facing down and in direct contact with the chalk board. 

// 4 //
Using a pencil, trace the outside of your letters and or design. Then remove the paper. 

// 5 //
Now that your designed is transferred onto the chalkboard, go over it again with a chalk marker and fill in where needed. I used two colors for Abby's welcome sign (rose gold & white). 

// 6 //
To make the ice cream cone 3-D, cut in half a pink pom pom and glue gun it to a triangle card stock shape. (For me, I already had used this method in making her an ice cream garland. I just decided to take off one triangle from her garland. Lastly, use double sided tape to place your ice cream cone onto the chalkboard.

// 7 //
To complete the look, you can use double sided tape to place confetti around the ice cream cone. I used rose gold and pink blush confetti (again from Amazon) which I also used to sprinkle on the serving table inside.   

I really love ours! And I always have friends and family comment on it when they walk into our home. However what I love the most about it our sign is that it's quickly becoming a tradition!

Plus, summer is great time for paint & projects!!

I hope you have a great rest of your summer day eating ice cream out of one hand  sipping cold coffee in the other.  : )

                                                                    Warmly, Steph

June 8, 2018

Simple Birthday Party // Ice Cream Theme

(Plus 4 Tips For Simplifying A Party)

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Abby is TWO!

However, let's back up. Steve (my husband) and I pulled together a girly little pink ice cream party with five hours of prep time - the absolute quickest party I've ever thrown!

Back Story 

This was definitely done on purpose because we needed to be able to turn around four days later and head out of town for a long weekend (all three of us are in a wedding!!). So today I’m happy to give all of you a peak into a few quick details (as voted over in Instagram) and share four quick tips we did to simplify, and then simplify some more, without sacrificing the beauty of her pink ice cream theme party.

4 Key Things To Create A Simple Birthday Party 

// 1 // Guest List:
Last year we invited our friends, neighbors, and family. But this year, we decide to cut down the guest list and just invite family. We LOVE our friends! But we needed to make this year’s theme and size a bit more manageable before jetting out of town. 

// 2 // Self-Serve:
Having a party where your guests can pile up on the good stuff for themselves is not only fun, it’s preferred: it allows us more time to visit and actually enjoy the party.  Last year we BBQ’d, in an attempt to make it easy on ourselves. But we found that taking orders, cooking, and serving everyone ate up 1/3 of our party time.

// 3 // Decorations:
As much as I love Pinterest, I love the savvy KISS method: Keep It Simple, Sally. Too many Pinterest details can quickly make your weeks leading up to an event all about crafting. So, I’ve become a major fan of balloons! Just ask Steve and he’ll tell you almost every occasion in our family involves him going to pick up balloons. They really add a bit of magic to the room. Plus, I just loved how our balloons from our party really filled up the space with beautiful colors. 

// 4 // Details:
I picked three DIY projects and ended up doing four because of course, I would.  1) Welcome sign 2) ice cream garland 3) photo wall back drop and 4) ice cream balloon which I’ll share all about these very soon!

// 5 // Teamwork (BONUS!):

I’m very lucky to be a part of a great team (that thing we call marriage). Steve and I work hard to make sure we can get as much done the day before an event as possible. Truth bomb: you, he and I know I’m the main organizer and planner for all our parties, but we really work together to make sure things are getting checked off the list! Whoever your “team” is, treat them well. Give them compliments and remind them they are awesome! A little positivity can go a long way.

 Ok, now as promised, a photo dump.

//  The After Party  //

By giving you a peak into Abby's 2nd Simple Birthday Party that you feel like you can still make a birthday party fun, beautiful and yet also time management friendly

      Warmly, Steph

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