April 16, 2024

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher appreciation gift

Want. Need. Deserves. 

Checking off all 3 for the girls Teacher Appreciation gift this year!

 As I truly feel Teachers are the gold gems of our world and yes...crafting + MAKING in the kitchen?! The BEST. Why? Because if I can create something in 20-30 minutes with drying time included, that's a fav over here.

The apple shaped stamp is a DIY I made using felt, scissors, and my glue gun (because of course I would)  Want a short demo on how I made the apple stamp? Posted one over on TikTok here.

Want to MAKE this gift for a great Teacher? Supplies below.

Acrylic paint (desired colors) 

Thin paint brush

Blank canvas tote 

Flowers in a vase

Gift card (fav place)

Pencil gift card holder (Mini Maker Design CO)

2 Inch thick ribbon 

Sticker letters

Warmly, Steph

Video demo of me putting it all together as shown above? Go here. 

April 4, 2024

Travel Craft Kits "On-The-Go"

kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities
kids travel bags activities

DIY craft kits for "On-The-Go?! Yes please! 

Originally made my girls DIY craft kits awhile back for Christmas a few years ago, so I decided to MAKE them travel friendly by first personalizing each bag using iron-on vinyl with my good old fashioned iron.  

There's a great beginner tutorial for using vinyl if you're new which I followed  here.   And or you can also order your kids name custom made for you and ready to iron on from an Etsy shop owner like these ones,  here. 

I upgraded each pocket to include items and craft supplies they are both loving lately. Like air dry clay (major hit!) we created something very special with ours which I can share when we get back : ) Then I also put in these new colored pencils/water colors and reusable stickers. 

Even my 7 year old stills like creating fun scenes and images with her dog sticker book. Gladly support that for all longs as possible!

Traveling soon? and want to MAKE your own with our supplies?

Blank handbag/toiletry bag

Iron-on vinyl or custom name on Etsy

Air dry clay

Colored pencils/watercolors (pastel sold out - similar here)

Activity roll/create your own sheets DIY

Glitter Crayons

Reusable sticker - mermaid

Reusable sticker - princesses

Reusable sticker book

Then that's it! We're taking ours on the longest flight to date for our girls (4.5 + 7.5 years old) as well have some down time in an Airbnb so I'll keep you posted! Though when I made these before, they lasted the entire flight and back to California last year : )

Enjoy! Warmly, Steph

March 24, 2024

Easter Basket Mini Upgrade


Felt Easter baskets

For this one, I started with this cracked egg basket then cut round arch's at the top so it became a "scalloped Easter Basket."

Flower petals were hand cut by thinking of a "dewdrop" shape and leafs glue gunned around the petals. 

To finish off the mini DIY Easter Basket, I added on a thick satin bow + viola! 


Want to MAKE ONE?

Felt Easter Basket - Pink

Felt Easter Basket - White


Felt (desired colors)

Glue Gun

Thick Ribbon - Pink

Think Ribbon - Purple

You can see a quick video demo on "how-to" MAKE this,  here.

Warmly, Steph

March 19, 2024

Easter Treat Bags

easter treat bags DIY
easter treat bags DIY
easter treat bags DIYeaster treat bags DIY
You may have seen the "How-To" demo for MAKING this Easter treat a few weeks back over on  Instagram  or  TikTok? If not, you can see it  here.

Want to MAKE one, two or six?!

Paper Treat Bags

Gingham ribbon (pink, purple, green + yellow)

Hole Punch


Then if you liked the colorful Easter Egg and center piece (which is actually a DIY itself too!) you can find all those details  here. 

Warmly, Steph 

March 7, 2024

Two-Toned DIY Bow Bunny Garland

Two-toned DIY bow bunny garland

Two-toned DIY bow bunny garland
Ready to MAKE one?! 

Light pink ribbon

Dark pink ribbon

Purple ribbon

Green - old/hobby lobby

Gold ribbon

Yellow - old/hobby lobby

Wooden Bunnies

Fabric Scissors

Glue Gun

I said it before and I’ll say it again, “Simple DIY’s” for a fun-festive-Easter-easy on you as a Mom-win. 

And if you like this bow garland, you might like an even simpler one I made back during the Christmas season in 2023, here.

Warmly, Steph 

March 1, 2024

Easter Basket For the Creative + Mini Makers

Easter Basket Ideas 

4 + 7 year olds interest when it comes to Easter Basket items are very much in line with one another  (at least for my girls) though each stage has 1-2 extra items I'm debating about getting them... as I'm trying to keep our baskets with a total of 5-6 quality items. 

I grew up with chocolate and jelly beans in my basket and as much as I LOVED that as a kid… as a Mom living in the PNW with many rainy spring days ahead, we need to have things my kids can "do," make, play and create with. 

You get me?

So we'll see what I decide on which means.. you get an exclusive peak at our Easter Bunny's "list." Maybe you can choose a handful of items for your kids before me?!

Easter Basket Ideas

Little Creative Makers Easter Basket

Bunny Doll + Suitcase 

Sparkle Crayons

Rainbow Jumbo Track Puzzle

Pink Toy Car

Large Star Wooden Dominos/Stack Toy 

Easter Hair Clips  (need hair up away from face to MAKE)

Personalized Name Chalk

Unicorn Bead Kit

Coloring roll

Easter Basket Ideas

Big Creative Mini Makers Easter Basket

Bunny Suitcase + Doll

Wooden Star Dominos

Pastel Colored Pencils

Butterly Mini Puzzle

Shaped Chalk

At The Studio Magnetic Doll

Princess Castle Bead Kit

Coloring Roll

If you liked the ideas for this years Creative Mini Maker Easter Baskets, you might also enjoy taking a look at last years baskets when they were 3 + 6 year old  here.

Warmly, Steph

February 21, 2024

Easy Way To Paint Easter Eggs With Kids

 Featuring CHEEKS Brand Silicone Craft Mats

Painting Easter Eggs With Kids

Painting Easter Eggs With Kids
Painting Easter Eggs With Kids
Painting Easter Eggs With Kids
Painting Easter Eggs With Kids

Yes, it's early though then again so is Easter this year. Amen?!

Using gloves and or the good old fashion plastic zip lock bag in our hands is what we usually do when painting Easter eggs with my girls (as I'm sure you saw in stories over on Instagram

Though I was SUPER excited to try out these paper mache' Easter eggs with our craft mats! Especially since each half lays steady on top of our CHEEKS Brand silicone mats while my girls painted on them this past weekend. 

Painting Easter Eggs With Kids

And although we've created on top of our  CHEEKS Brand craft mats for various projects over the past year, it's by far my favorite for when used to paint with kids!

 About a year ago I said it was, "The best craft mat for kids" and I still believe that. Not only is Nicole the CEO of the company though she's also a mom of 3 who was the first to ever invent the collapsable creator mat and it clearly shows in her quality of the product. It's unmatched in my opinion. 

 Let alone the clean up? Just rinse off your paint and glitter in the utility sink. Pure Magic.

Then the best part of this DIY? You can have both an Easter egg hunt (stickers inside or jelly beans if you prefer) and later in the day, kids can help you place them on top of the table for a whimsical brunch or dinner center piece. (Just remember to add on that Mod Podge last for protecting your paint)

Want to MAKE your own kid friendly sparkly Easter Eggs?

Paper Mache' Eggs

Acrylic Paint

Sponge Brush / Paint Brush

Glitter - Pink  ||  Purple  ||  Green

CHEEKS Brand Silicone Craft Mats (promo code: mjots20 for 15% off)

Painting Smock - Pink

Paint Smock - Purple

Mod Podge

Then if you enjoyed this craft project, you might also like how you can turn this into a beautiful yet simple Easter tablescape,  here.

Happy painting with your bunnies : )

Warmly, Steph

This post was sponsored by CHEEKS brand though all thoughts, opinions and craft designs are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands which support the Mama Jots brand + website!

February 18, 2024

Easter DIY Decor || Scalloped Tablescape

Trace, Cut + Style.

Yes please, I'll MAKE it. All by transforming a craft paper roll into whimsical table decor for Easter which is also kid friendly. Again… yes. I'll happily MAKE it. 

Supplies I used to create this one are all below.

What you need to MAKE your own

Craft paper roll

Medium/cereal sized bowl

Pencil + Scissors

Wooden Eggs

Acrylic Paints

Sponge Brushes

Dotted Sponge brush

What you need to MAKE your own center piece

Baby's Breathe (mine is from Traders Joes)

Paper Mache' Eggs

Acrylic Paint

Sponge Brush


My girls and I (ages 4 + 7 yrs) painted these Easter Eggs together (hands down the best way to paint with kids!) which you can see why  here.

And if you liked this DIY, you might also like a coordinating DIY for the table scape  here  too!

Warmly, Steph

February 15, 2024

Easter Craft Kits For Kids || Mini Maker Design CO

Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids
Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids

Spring + Easter, it's you! Yes!!
This season's  Mini Maker Design Co craft kits are focused on bright, cheerful and always slightly magical creations for both the littlest Mini Makers in your life (bigger pieces + less details) as well more advanced Mini Makers (smaller pieces + more detailed designs) 

Then for those who have been here for awhile I'm beyond delighted to offer our classic rainbow design in non-paint craft kit form! 

Remember everything you need to make each design is included; Glue stick, precut pieces ready to make, along with the final photo of each design I created and a, "How-To" video link sent to you via Etsy email  once shipped  (only If extra help is needed). 

I know, I'm excited too!

Mini Maker Design Co's  NEW designs' launch 
 Thursday 2/22
9am PST.

Set a reminder on your iPhone, add it to your google calendar, etc. 
(These are available in limited qualities)

Warmly, Steph

Spring and Easter Craft Kits For Kids

February 2, 2024

3D Streamer+Ribbon Bow || Party Decor

galentine party decor bow
galentine party decor
MAKING can be both easy and fabulous. I'm a believer. Which is why I created this one to help bring your Valentine celebrations coming up, a bit more sweet (like I did for our Daddy-Daughter Valentine brunch tradition here - year 6 this past weekend) or you can MAKE it for any decor/reason really!

And my favorite part?!
It has minimal supplies + effort which I must say.. is the BEST kind of DIY
 Demo/"How-To" tutorial  here.

Want to MAKE one?!

Purple Streamers

Pink Streamers

Floral Wire

Glue gun + glue

Craft Mat (use promo code mjots20 for %15 off)

P.S. You can do this! I know you can : )

Warmly, Steph

To see how I made the heart balloon chandelier that the bows are tied onto, go here.

January 29, 2024

Heart Balloon Chandelier

Heart balloon  backdrop wall
Heart balloon chandelier backdrop wall
Heart balloon chandelier backdrop wall

Turning the ordinary💗balloons into extraordinary!✨ Ombré, all pink, purple or one solid color… MAKING this one for Valentines Day season at home celebrations is gold! + it’s a fun one too! 

Want to MAKE this?!

Mylar heart balloons  

Air balloon pump


Packaging Tape

Gaffer tape


Pink table + chair set

You can see ”How” I made this one, here

Then If you liked this ombré heart balloon decor, you might like what I made for my girls bday craft party here.

Warmly, Steph 

January 26, 2024

Bow Theme Valentine Basket


What to MAKE one or both baskets for your own Valentine next month?!

(Just click on each item listed below)

Pink Basket 

Gold Bin

Sequin Tutu

Hearts headband 

Bow Shoes

Unicorn Purse

DIY Bow Box - details here

Stick on earrings

Heart shaped lip balm

Kid friendly nail polish set

"To Make" book

Pink Heart Balloon

Purple Bow Basket 

Gold Bin

Purple Tutu sold out (similar here  here )

Hearts Headband

Bow Shoes

or Gold Bow shoes

DIY Bow Box - details here

Stick on earrings

Heart shaped lip balm

Kid friendly nail polish set

"Be A Maker" Book

Purple Heart Balloon

Then if you liked this post, you might also enjoy seeing what I gave the girls last year  here + here!

Warmly, Steph