July 15, 2024

Kids Activity Gear Bag


Swim class is what ours is going to be used at the moment though we foresee dance class picking up again this fall : ) Maybe sports for you?!⚽️

 I realized this summer that with my girls ages (5 and 8 years old) not only do they want more responsibility though I also no longer have too or need to carry around a large giant bag for both them. They can take care and carry their own towels, googles and snacks in a bag. Major motherhood upgrade!! 

It's funny how fast they grow : )

So what I used to MAKE these for my girls? 

Canvas tote bag pink 

Canvas tote bag purple 

Acrylic Paint

 Sponge paint brush

Card-stock (DIY rainbow arch stencil)

Scissor and or X-acto knife 

Gaffer tape or painters tape  

Happy MAKING - Warmly, Steph 💜

July 11, 2024

DIY Art Display for Kids Room

 Our art displays have certainly gotten larger over the years (because of course!) yet I love the simple look and over all idea of the design's I've made through the years though this time I used wooden glue and transformed a wooden plaque into our own whimsical floral creation for my youngest to hang and display her art.  Along with a more pop of color💗

Supplies and details of where everything is from? Listed out below.


Wooden Frame Plaque 

Clothes Pins

Wood glue (this is what I used here)

Pink Paint (similar shade  here!)

Wooden flowers (for base frame)

Add-on Flowers to make it "3D"  here and here

Gold Paint (MY NEW FAV!) because you only need 1 coat.

Thin Paint Brushes

Art Displayed 

Paper plate sun:DIY @mama.jots

Girls illustrated Photo C/O Artist Lacce Swan 

Rainbow: Mini Maker Design Co craft kit

For a video demo on "how" I made these, click here.


Warmly, Steph

July 1, 2024

Firework Shaker for Kids

This one’s for the Mini Maker - kids! 

A MAKE and shake firework craft for the 4th of July🤸🏻‍♀️✨One that’s perfect for little hands as this project adds a burst of color and noise to your celebrations all by watching their faces light up!


Want to MAKE one or two? 

Paper plates (uncoated)

Pastel Acrylic Paint Set

Sponge Brush

Ribbon (desired colors-my favs here) 

Ribbon Holder

Glue Gun

Scissors (these are my FAV for 4+ years now)

Then if you saw earlier this past week, I made a very simple festive treat tray by day AND lights up at night ✨Which you can see a demo on that here.

Wishing you a safe and fun 4th of July!

Warmly, Steph