January 29, 2024

Heart Balloon Chandelier

Heart balloon  backdrop wall
Heart balloon chandelier backdrop wall
Heart balloon chandelier backdrop wall

Turning the ordinary💗balloons into extraordinary!✨ Ombré, all pink, purple or one solid color… MAKING this one for Valentines Day season at home celebrations is gold! + it’s a fun one too! 

Want to MAKE this?!

Mylar heart balloons  

Air balloon pump


Packaging Tape

Gaffer tape


Pink table + chair set

You can see ”How” I made this one, here

Then If you liked this ombré heart balloon decor, you might like what I made for my girls bday craft party here.

Warmly, Steph 

January 26, 2024

Bow Theme Valentine Basket


What to MAKE one or both baskets for your own Valentine next month?!

(Just click on each item listed below)

Pink Basket 

Gold Bin

Sequin Tutu

Hearts headband 

Bow Shoes

Unicorn Purse

DIY Bow Box - details here

Stick on earrings

Heart shaped lip balm

Kid friendly nail polish set

"To Make" book

Pink Heart Balloon

Purple Bow Basket 

Gold Bin

Purple Tutu sold out (similar here  here )

Hearts Headband

Bow Shoes

or Gold Bow shoes

DIY Bow Box - details here

Stick on earrings

Heart shaped lip balm

Kid friendly nail polish set

"Be A Maker" Book

Purple Heart Balloon

Then if you liked this post, you might also enjoy seeing what I gave the girls last year  here + here!

Warmly, Steph

January 24, 2024

DIY Bow Box

DIY bow
DIY bow
A little something fresh, new + fun for my girls Valentine Baskets this holiday season - DIY bow shaped box! 

Although I used the combination of an exact knife + scissors, the design and actually construction of this one was very quick (under 8 mins) with a full video demo here.

Want to MAKE one for your Valentine?

Round paper mache box 

Heart paper mache box 

“X” paper mache box 

Exact knife (mine here)


Glue + glue gun

Then if you want to see various supplies for other companies (online and in store) I rounded up some similar supplies/brands here

Happy almost Valentine's Day Season (or...maybe it's already here I guess?!)

Warmly, Steph

January 17, 2024

GIANT Valentine Idea

giant valentines day diy
giant valentines day diy
giant valentines day diy
Who do you need to MAKE a giant Valentine's Day card or gift for?! Over here I made a pink + purple envelope for each of my girls doors though how fun would it be for a grandparent, neighbor or Gal-entine to get this as a surprise on their doorstep?! You can see a demo on how I made this one  here.

Want to MAKE one?!

Cardboard box (mine is 10x14 - Mini Maker Design Co craft kit box)


Card-stock 12x12

Card-stock (desired colors)

Washi Tape

Sticky Back Dots

Can't wait to see who you MAKE this one for! As always, I'd love to see + share your take on this creation @mama.jots on Instagram or TikTok. Enjoy : )

Warmly, Steph 

January 13, 2024

Kids Adventure Valentine || Gender Neutral

Kids Valentine ideas boys
Oh the possibilities of adventures you can MAKE for this one! Us?! My daughters Preschool class 🫶🏻
We’re swapping my oldest daughter's personalized Valentine cherry heart bead kit for a space adventure  + bakery treats  ✨And one of the best parts to this idea? It’s all from one place (minus the heart containers🤸🏻‍♀️) 
What to MAKE these?
(Click on each item below)

Then if you want to do a sweet treat theme, animals or under the sea creature play dough Valentine, rounded up some other fun things here!

Warmly, Steph 

January 10, 2024

Kids Valentine - Cherry Heart Bead Kit

kids valentine idea cherry heart

kids valentine idea cherry heart
kids valentine idea cherry heart
kids valentine idea cherry heart
kids valentine idea cherry heart
Our Handmade Valentine's?!

Just a fun way to say, "You MAKE me happy just by being you! So here’s something to MAKE you happy too🫶🏻 A personalized Valentine bead kit!" Love, Abby

We do plan on making 10-12 of these and then a more gender neutral idea for the other half of my daughter's 2nd grade class (coming soon!) + even though I filmed a video demo of me making these from start to finish, which you can see here.

 I do plan on having my 7 year old help "spell out" each classmates name on top her craft mat when we go to MAKE all of these. Which yet is another reason why I LOVE our Cheeks Brand craft mats! Even for me as an adult, it made the entire process of spelling out names and making the valentine smooth + efficient. 

Each of my girls are getting one of these cherry Valentine's in their baskets too (as they personally put in a request for one when they saw what I was making!) 

Want to MAKE these?


Clear Heart Cases

Bead kit (divided into 12+)

Alphabet Beads

Clear Bags

Washi Tape

Precut + sized card-stock (back of valentine)

Green Glitter Card-stock

CHEEKS Brand Craft Mats (promo code: mjots20 for 15% off) 


As always, I love seeing what you MAKE over in Instagram or TikTok. Feel free to tag @mama.jots or send me your creations! I'd love to share!

Warmly, Steph

This post was sponsored by CHEEKS brand though all thoughts, opinions and craft designs are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands which support the Mama Jots brand + website!

January 9, 2024

Party Bin || Round Up


Birthday parties, celebrations, to even holidays there’s a few things I keep to reuse over and over as well, put away just in case my youngest wants a similar theme as my oldest. Just in case! 🥳

However 5 supplies seem to be on repeat for me + so I’m not at all surprised to hear we want a “party bin tour." I do love to MAKE NEW THINGS, yet every now and then WHAT I use is not always “new.”

So to start, here are my top 5 party bin supplies I have + use the most. Then if you would like to see a video demo of each in use, you can watch that over on Instagram, here. 

One: Mylar Balloons

Two: Air Pump

Three: Gaffer Tape

Four: Garlands + Paper Hanging decor (full round up here)

Five: Birthday crowns, banners, accessories (round up here )

Everything else I keep is usually based on one color I purposely choose which is present in both girls themes (such as plates, cups + napkins) so for the “themed items,” I purposely MAKE those the more visual part of the party such a DIY decor, party favors + cake toppers.

Funny enough, my oldest is already starting to talk to me about what "theme" she's requesting for 2024... (Last year's puppy party theme here

So we'll circle back to that in May. As I always gear up every year for our "party month of June" with both of my girls bdays celebrated 2 weeks apart. 

Why Yes. 

Yes we do!

Warmly, Steph