February 2, 2018

Ikea Hack: Dip-Dyed Table & Chairs

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For Christmas, Steve and I designed our own DIY ungraded play kitchen for Abby. So I knew this time around for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to surprise them both by personalizing the coordinating table and chairs set, all on my own! 

Since I already had spray paint left over from the play kitchen, it was a very cheap upgrade. 
The table and chairs are from Ikea, with a very reasonable price - ($25). Surprisingly, it was really easy to assemble because it only requires an Allen wrench, which Ikea helpfully provided. It took me about 15 minutes to put everything together! So, if you’re a beginner builder (like me), this project is completely doable!

I brought the surprise to the next level by putting together a little daddy-daughter Valentine's Day brunch with a few balloons, donuts, and fresh flowers. Since I wanted to make sure both were truly surprised, I did my Valentine's surprise early! Maybe too early, although it's never to early to celebrate the two people who make my world go round.

Below are a few sweet moments I captured between them as they brunched, along with a tutorial on how I personalized the dining set.

Flower Felt Headband C/O Fancy Free Finery
Heart Garland by Sheep Felt Farm

What You Will Need:
1. Wooden table & chairs 
2. Primer spray paint (2x)
3. Silver metallic spray paint (1x)
4. Clear sealer (1x)
5. Painters tape
6. News papers / Paper
7. Self-adhesive tape (white recommend)

What To Do:

1. Spray paint all parts (except for table top and chair seats) with primer. 
2. Let everything completely dry. Then spray again, for a second coat. Let dry.

3. Measure 5 inches from the bottom of each leg up and mark with painters tape.

4. Cover the rest of the table and chair legs with newspapers and tape.

5. Spray metallic silver on the bottom of each leg to create the dip dyed effect. Let dry.

6. Remove all tape and newspaper, completely uncovering all parts.

7. Spray all spray painted parts with clear sealer. Twice. Let dry.

8. Follow the directions for placing spoon flowers wallpaper properly (took 5 minutes). 

    Then secure wall paper down with white self-adhesive tape underneath the table top.

9. Follow Ikea's instructions for building the table and chairs.

Total Timeline: 3 Days

Painting: 2 days to paint & dry each coat of primer, metallic silver (the dip effect) & sealer. 
Details:  3rd day, a total of 15-20 minutes for adding details & assembling.

Many thanks to Fancy Free Finery for Abby's darling headband. 

Happy Early Valentine's Day! 

XO - Steph