April 22, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Spring

May Day paper plate craft

Mother's Day Gift Paper Plate Craft  || Tulip Flower Basket

Something fun to do with + or for mom this Mothers Day! Voice over instructions for a slower more detail demo on "How-To" make this craft can be seen + heard  here!

umbrella paper plate craft

May Day Paper Plate Craft | Umbrella 

A fun twist on the typical umbrella paper plate craft by making it into a basket for flowers so that this very well could be gifted on May Day! Detailed voice instructions on "How-To" make this design can be seen + heard  here!

paper plate crafts spring rainbow

It may not be a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow, though it still sure is magical! Video demo on, "How To" in 33 seconds can be watched,  here!   I'm so excited about the new light and bright designs coming to  Mama Jots website -  Instagram -  YouTube  + TikTok and of courseMini Maker Design Co!! Then last, my  gold scissors  (which I've been using + loving for over a year now) you can find  here.

Then on Friday 4/23 at 8am PST we will have another  Mini Maker Design Co "mini" restock of our Unicorn, May Day Tulip Flower Basket restocked! Along with limited quantities of our umbrella May Day gift! Then be sure to watch  Instagram for our next new design as summer theme craft kits will launch the first of May! Along with something BIG coming next month!! Can't wait to share soon!

Warmly, Steph

April 17, 2021

Mini Maker Design Co!

Introducing, Mini Maker Design Co!! 
Almost every business starts out on the dinning room table and as of April 9th 2021, I have join the club! As you know, we've been making + sharing paper plate crafts with my oldest, (4.8 years old) for about a year now... from the beginning, it's always been a passion + joy in creating magical, fun, and yet simple paper plate crafts.

Fast forward one year later + the love for these creations have grown to a size which it felt like it was long over due to open up shop!! Which I'm so thankful + still can't believe we sold out of our craft kits during it's first weekend of launching! Thank you!!!! Everyone!!

 I can't wait to start making some fun new designs + craft kits for you and your family at home with fun + helpful video demos to go along with them! While also bringing back some of our favorites! We'll have a new design very soon (keep your eyes on Instagram stories for the next date + time @mama.jots) And we'll also have something BIG coming for Mini Maker Design Co right as summer hits! Can't wait to share soon!!! As the great artist Lola Dutch once said, "Creativity takes courage, forward friends!"

Introducing our first craft kit designs

Next restock date coming soon!