February 28, 2021

Sun + Rainbow || Paper Plate Craft + Toy


paper plate craft sun and rainbow

Spring weather maker + shakers as a craft/toy which I thought would be fun as it is educational for our girls! We used uncooked noodles and both we're created in 25 minutes post bedtime. Full 33 second demo on the rainbow raincloud can be seen here + the golden sun, here! 

February 17, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Spring

rainbow paper plate craft

It may not be a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow, though it still sure is magical! Video demo on, "How To" in 33 seconds can be watched,  here!  Spring II paper plate craft series is kicking off this week + I couldn't be any more excited about some new light and bright designs coming to  Mama Jots website -  Instagram -  YouTube + now TikTok (my goodness yes, I'm in!) Then last, my  gold scissors (which I've been using + loving for over a year now) you can find here.

If you liked this one, you might like last years (start of the series)  here!

February 10, 2021

Daddy-Daughter(s) Valentines Brunch

valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch
valentine brunch

daddy-daughter valentines brunch

This is one of our favorite traditions as a family since we started doing it with Abby via 2019 (year 3 now!) Using our DIY upgrade pink table and chairs set, I always do a little decor with a few balloons either up in the air or down on the floor. You can see last years brunch  here + our very first one  here! 

Resources + Links:

3 Tier White Heart Tray

Emma's Dress

Emma's Bow C/O Sweet Melon Co

Emma's Gold Shoes

Abby's Dress

Abby's Bow - ZoZu Baby 2019

Abby's Gold Shoes

Heart stir sticks C/O Modern Birch Co

Table + Chair Set (DIY - Spray Painted)

All garlands Pearl + Jane

Daddy's Shoes 

February 2, 2021

Paper Plate Crafts || Valentines Day

paper plate craft valentines day
Fancy Chocolates from a chocolate box for another Valentines Day craft for littles! Complete demo can be found  here!
Valentines paper crafts
Heart air balloons! This concept was for the girls Valentine's Day basket late year which you can see here. Then to see under 1 minute how we made these, watch here! 

Valentines paper crafts
Red + pink heart Valentine holders with a nice pocket to hold all those notes from family, friends + or classmates! To see how we made this 3D, a video demo can be seen here!