November 15, 2021

Craft Display || Mini Maker Design CO


To hang these crafts, I painted acrylic paints on these exact 14x14 canvases to fit both Rudolphs star antlers + Santas golden polka dot hat. They needed the extra room to really shine! Versus the 12x12 for our Halloween designs.

Then to keep them up without ruining the paint (aka so you can switch them out seasonal!) I used painters tape to attach them to the actual canvases + commands strips on back top two corners of each to stay up on the wall. 

If you would like the exact supplies I used, they're resourced below.

Craft Display Resources

Craft Kit Santa (restock 11/16 5pm PST)

Craft Kit Rudolph (restock 11/16 5pm PST)


Painters Tape

Command Strips

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