October 30, 2021

Littles Halloween Crafts + Decor + DIY's 2021


Painted Pumpkins

  Upgraded last year pumpkins to this year by making the old, new. Video tutorial  on what I did to make them appear new,  here.

Pink Pumpkin Bucket Tutorial

Video tutorial on "How-To" upgrade a classic pumpkin bucket to make ours from 2019, can been seen, here.

Pumpkin Bucket BOO Craft Kit

A best seller from Mini Maker Design Co's Halloween Season this year which sold out, though next year in 2022 we'll be sure to open early for PRE ORDERS over at Mini Maker Design Co

Streamer + Ribbon Round Chandelier

This is a quick 20 minute littles Spooky friendly decor which helped keep the table clear so we could decorated cookies as a mini party of 4 for this years, "BOOkie" party. Video tutorial on how I made this one, here.

DIY Halloween Costume || Pink Pumpkin Bucket

The pink pumpkin bucket Halloween costume seemed to be a hit with our community! + just a fun way to bring our 2019 pink pumpkin boo basket to life. We used Studio DIY's paper Marche balloon tutorial in making it a solid round shape. Then we painted, decorated + styled it in our own way for the pink pumpkin bucket Halloween costume : )

Ghost Leaf Craft by @nellamonaco

Did our own twist to her white ghost leaf craft by painting faux leaves instead of real ones (so we could hang them into November) + used acrylic paints in our favorite colors for the ghost this Halloween Season (Pink, Dark Pink, Lilac, Soft Orange + Purple) which if you have any left over paint from a Mini Maker Design craft kit, would be a great 2 for 1 activity! 

DIY Littles Halloween Count down by Dear Jane Printable's

When Jessica at Dear Jane Printable's sent over her paper chain craft as a Halloween count down for littles, I knew this would be the perfect way to not only do a little mommy and me craft afternoon though also a great way to help my oldest (5yrs) know it's, "Halloween!" Loved what she created + let us make!

Hallow's Eve Paper Plate Craft

Since both girls are now trick-or-treating on foot + we've noticed going out during sunset is our best time to start, so I adjusted the craft tutorial from last year to recreate this moment by making a sunset sky behind with the black cat, moon + stars. Full video tutorial on how to make this one, here!

+ if you liked this round up, you might like last years DIY Halloween Costume round up.

Thank you for being here during this crafty spooky season over the last few weeks. It's a joy to create with you. l hope you have a wonderful + safe Halloween with your littles! 

Warmly, Steph 

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