September 23, 2021

Girls Boo Baskets 2021

boo baskets

boo baskets
boo baskets
boo baskets
boo baskets

Girls Boo Basket Resources

Big + Little Boo Flags C/O Whimsical Darlings Co

Pumpkin Wire Baskets

Ghost Necklace C/O Little Blue Olive

Pumpkin Necklace C/O Little Blue Olive

BOO Clips C/O Little Blue Olive

Kitty Shoes

Purple Pjs sold out (similar here)

Pink Pjs

Black Cat Bath Set C/O Tuddy + Todd

My Personal Note to the Girls

My Girls!

I pulled together a few things to help make this month extra special!

First, I got each of you your own wire round pumpkin baskets to collect leaves this month + painted them in your favorite colors. Purple + Pink

The new kitty sized shoes are also for exploring our new neighborhood while out collecting leaves during our girl walks. 

Then, when we visit the pumpkin patch, each of you can wear a couple “BOO” accessories. These hair + felt necklaces I hope make it extra special!

For home, each of you have new pjs in your favorite colors for our family friendly spooky movie nights. 

Your personalized Big + Little Flags are handmade from my friend Linley @whimsicaldarlings in again, your favorite colors, Purple + Pink!

love you girls to Hallows Eve moon + back! + I can't wait to create all these fall magical memories with you all month long!

Love, Mommy

If liked this years sister boo basket, you might our first one via 2019! + one of my top post to date. 

Pink Pumpkin Bucket Upgrade

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