About Steph

Hello again! I'm Stephanie (or Steph), happily married to Steve and mama to our two blue eyed girls, Abby (4 years) and Emma (1 year old).

A Mother Is Born

In the summer of 2016, Abby came into our lives and forever changed the shape of my heart. I intended to stay on the Family Medical Leave Act for a year and then return to my dance educator and director position though as soon as that time had come and went, I knew being the main care taker + raising our kids is what I wanted to do yet still at the same time, keep my creative spark going by doing the things I love. Just on a much smaller scale! Crafting + DIY specifically.

A Blog Is Born

I started this motherhood blog for the modern women on Pinterest who feels like they're in the middle. Someone who loves to make things special, beautiful, + yet keep them simple. Basically a project we feel like we can handle with little ones around + look back on fondly. 

Being dyslexic, I've always thought + looked at things differently. I've  personally been drawn to visual images + movement since as long as I can remember as a way to learn and create. These concepts + ideas have evolved into my passion + love for modern, classic + above all (simple) DIY ideas + crafts. 

And at the same time, this blog can be a place for others to feel inspired with all the messy + beautiful motherhood stories shared both here, + over in Instagram.

I add content on here biweekly while sharing video almost daily over on 
Instagram stories!  I love video!! + you can usually find me once or twice weekly over on Pinterest. It's my hope that by sharing with you, my ideas, stories, + perspectives help inspire you for your own motherhood journey + creative fun. As I truly feel every mom knows deep down what is best for you, your little one(s) + your family.

This blog is designed to help inspire + delight. Again, welcome! I’m so humbled and excited to be in motherhood with you! 

                                                                    - Warmly, Stephanie

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