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Hello again! I'm Stephanie (or Steph), happily married to Steve and a girl mom x2 to Abby (7 years old) and Emma (4 years) + here's a quick story of how this website, the name Mama Jots + now the business, "Mini Maker Design Co" was born!

The "Mama Jots" Name + Idea

Created the website and idea, "Mama Jots" for the modern women on Pinterest who feels like they're in the middle. Someone who loves to make things special, beautiful, + yet keep them simple. Basically a project we feel like we can handle with little ones around + look back on fondly. 

Being dyslexic, I've always thought + looked at things differently. I've personally been drawn to visual images + movement since as long as I can remember as a way to learn and create. These concepts + ideas have evolved into my passion + love for making modern, classic + above all (simple) DIY ideas + crafts. With a learning disability, I knew this website needed to be highly visual with lots of video and short captions. Hence the idea for, "Jot" while also keeping the overall arch of this space focused on the creative side of motherhood for all things seasonal, holiday + above all, innovative. Something fun for, "Mama!"

I add content on here biweekly as it's become a place to compile projects, party details all in one place. Photos, video tutorial links, supplies + link to those as well.

I also while sharing video almost daily over on Instagram stories!  +  now TIKTOK (my new fav!) As I love video!! + you can usually find me once or twice weekly over on Pinterest. in between creating new designs + craft kits for our Mini Maker Design Co business which launched in April of 2021 with the evolution story, found here.

It's my hope that by sharing wih you, my creative side, ideas, + perspectives help inspire you for your own motherhood journey + creative fun. As I truly feel every mom knows deep down what is best for you, your little one(s) + your family.

Mama Jots website is designed to help inspire + delight motherhood creativity. Again, welcome! I’m so humbled and excited to be in this crafty motherhood life with you! 

                                                                    - Warmly, Stephanie

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