January 1, 2018

Nice to Meet You!

Hi everyone! I've been really looking forward to today because although this blog is a creative outlet for me I’m starting this online journey to share and connect with you—one mom to another. A blog for us. An inspiring and uplifting home base for everything related to mom life. That is my goal and intention for this space. A little corner of the internet to help you feel happy and inspired after visiting. 

To start, I'm excited to share my experiences of what Mom-Life 101 has taught me in the first year of raising a child. Even though this blog has been in the making for the past 5 months, I do intend for this journey to be a two-way street, both here and on Instagram, so let me know in the comments below what you’d really like to hear more about!

In the coming weeks and months you'll see lots of savvy mom tips that I learned the hard way as a first-time mom and a few of my favorite DIY holiday projects. A sprinkle of ideas for the winter season's ahead. I hope these next few weeks leave you feeling inspired as you create your own warm and happy home for your own family. 

Once again, welcome! I'm so delighted to meet you!

- Steph

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