March 23, 2018

Girl Toddler's Easter Basket

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At 22 months, I realize Abby isn't quite old enough yet to dye Easter eggs with me, swap and share all the pink jelly beans, or munch on PEEP marshmallows (actually these last two could be a good thing!), so I decided to get creative when it came to the traditional Easter celebrations, by making them as toddler friendly as possible. 

So here what's in her basket this year.

I ordered this one with the intention that she'll use it year after year until she hits middle school (yes, I still plan on doing Easter baskets then because I'm THAT kind of mom and proud of it!). I plan to remove the bunny ear liners as she gets older.

Instead of dying eggs, I chose to cut around these fun little stickers and place them inside these pink eggs. 22 month old Abby LOVES stickers. So I thought this would be a great way to make the traditional Easter egg hunt toddler friendly. I don't know which one I'm excited for more, seeing Steve hide the eggs or watching Abby find them?

This is one trend I'm all about! There's only so many years we can put bunny ears, bows, and silly sunnies on our babies. Abby might judge me on this one down the road, though I'm confident all moms everywhere like the idea of there little one dressed up as a bunny. You agree? I'm sure one day she, too, will do the same to her own kids. And then I’ll get to hear her say, “Mom, I get it.” 

We've really been into felt play food for Abby lately since she loves being in her play kitchen. Abby "cooks" in it almost every day, and Steve and I are beyond satisfied that she's enjoying our little DIY project. I recently spotted these darling felt donuts, fruits and veggies during our errands this last week. Into the Easter basket they go! 

I'm sure you've seen Abby's love for accessories on Instagram. “Sunnies” are her latest obsession. When she started to put them on all her stuffed animals, I knew another pair was certainly going to go in her basket. I was so excited to find these purple sunnies since they match perfectly to her Easter dress.

For the second year in a row, I've purchased an Easter dress that can be either dressed up or played down. It's what I like to think of as, a "spring-into-summer" outfit since Abby gets to wear it more than once. I love the flow of the fabric for the purple dress I got her here. The cute cut out in the back is what really made me place it into my cart.

I can't seem to help myself each holiday by gifting Abby something practical, like jammies. She wears a pair each night, so when I think of it this way, having at least 4-5 pairs on hand to rotate through each week with our laundry feels smart. Plus, these rainbows jammies here were just too cute to pass up for spring. 

Six // Book
There are so many good books out there, and it's been really fun the last 1.5 years to  add onto our collection including our favorite series, Fancy Nancy. Steve and I prefer reading this series over a lot of her other since they are beautifully written and educational. We like Fancy Nancy becuase it helps Abby learn challenging words through cute stories and vivid illustrations. I highly recommend this series if you have a little girl. For Easter, Abby is getting this one.

Grandma started Abby's love for these bubble wands though I have to tell you, a toddler’s love for bubbles only gets stronger and stronger. You have been warned : )

Maybe it's an 80's/90's mom thing, although getting my daughter a pair for $8! and reliving my own favorite childhood shoes is really fun. Every time I hear Abby say, "jelly shoes, jelly shoes!" my mama heart soars. So these jellies are going in her Easter basket. 

I love that as moms of toddlers we can still celebrate just as much with them as if they were six years old by getting a little creative. 

From me to you, happy hopping! : )

Warmly, Steph

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