December 1, 2018

DIY Chalkboard Sign // Merry Little Christmas

DIY chalkboard sign
Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, is one of my favorite holiday songs! (well one of 300 to be accurate). And it was this time last year, I made a chalkboard sign to help display one of my 300 favorite ; ) Christmas songs in our living room. 

I love the sign so much… I haven’t decided exactly where to keep it in my house! It’s been proudly displayed above our dining room table since last Sunday and I think… it might just stay there. However, I’m also tempted to put it above Abby’s play kitchen too. So well see!

The project took two days to complete only because you need the black chalkboard paint to dry. However, on the second day, I was able to finish everything during nap time. And hang it!

DIY chalkboard sign

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How I made it: Chalkboard Sign

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 1
 I ordered a blow-up version of this graphic, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" from Fedex to cover a 36" by 36" inch board. 

Step 2
Next, I ran two errands. I stopped in at Home Depo to have them cut me a 36" by 36" size wooden board about .5 cementers thick. On the way home, I picked up my blown-up graphic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," from Fedex.

Step 3
At nap time, I painted the board with black paint. 

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 4
Using the graphite, I scratched the entire back surface of my blown-up graphic.

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 5
Next, I placed the blown-up graphic on top of the wooden board (completely dry). Then I taped down the edges to keep it secure.

Step 6
With a number 2 lead pencil, I traced around every letter and design of the poster so it would leave a stencil on the other side. Then I removed the blown-up graphic.

DIY chalkboard sign

Step 7
Using a white chalk paint pen, I traced my design and filled everything in. Lastly, I added my own boarder design. TIP: You can use a wet paper towel and or wash cloth to help wipe away any graphite thats left over.

DIY chalkboard sign

To hang my chalkboard, I added these  sawtooth hooks  onto the back.

We truly love ours and always get tons of compliments when friends and family visiting our home during the holidays! When you make yours, let me know if you have any questions below!

This weekend we are embarking on our good old fashion family Christmas by getting our Christmas tree! And we also have our very first holiday party of the season to attend!

Love this time of year.

So many fun and festive things happening, I hope you are enjoying the kick-off to the holiday season and may everything be merry and bright for you!

Warmly, Steph

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