February 19, 2019

Toddler Indoor Activities

toddler indoor activitiestoddler indoor activitiestoddler indoor activities
Playing dress up is such a classic and now my new favorite toddler indoor activity! Yesterday, Abby and I dressed up for the first time (yes all 5 months pregnant of me did too)  and I have to say, it  provided for some really fun and funny dialogue the rest of the day.  (I liked loved every minute of it). The girl mom in me was so happy.   : ) 

toddler indoor activities
toddler indoor activitiestoddler indoor activities

So let's be real. Yes, there are so many things to do on a rainy day and yet I found it very challenging as a new mom the last couple of years to find age appropriate ones for Abby as toddler online. 

The older she gets, the easier it is to do more with her! (like play dress up) So, the list of activities I pulled together below are for 1-3-year old’s (Abby is three in June! and saying this out loud hurts me inside a little). Only a few activities like dress up and building couch cushion forts are one's we've recently done due to her age. The rest however, are activities we have enjoyed over the last couple of years and hopefully, one or two will be new and helpful to you!

So here is what we’re loving for toddler indoor activities: ages 1-3 years

Couch cushion forts 

Make homemade play dough

Bake something sweet

Coloring books

Play dress up

Visit the library

Host a play date at home

Have a tea party/picnic inside

Create a mural (paper roll & crayons as shown below)

Make  and bake a homemade pizza

Rice box (cups, spoon, bowls,) sensory activity 

Play with a brown paper box (hello amazon)

Play kitchen 

toddler indoor activities
Floral Bows C/O Shoptahoom release 2/28/19
If I left out an idea you have, please feel free to us know below! And as always, thank you for your readership! I'm so excited for spring to arrive soon. Along with all the tulips it brings to fill up our home. Soon, very soon! 

Warmly, Steph

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