August 28, 2019

Getting Ready for Preschool

getting ready for school
We go to Preschool in 13 DAYS!! So below is a few things we're doing to get Abby ready!

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We've been eating breakfast at 8:00am every day over here (same as school days next month) then immediately getting dressed and going potty before leaving the house. Lately, Monday-Friday we've going to a park ever since Steve returned to work! And even though it's slow moving, because I’m holding on tight to summer like a popsicle stick dripping liquid sugar down my arm… we’ve started this routine!

||  2  ||
Getting Dressed  
We have these bow hooks in Abby’s room to help hold and show off her outfit for the next day (after she picks it out). So it’s quick and easy in the morning to get her dress. Especially because SHE picks it out, hence less arguing in the AM on what to wear #threeanger

||  3  ||
The Pre School director mentioned to me that all children are required to be potty trained by the first day (which Abby is! …happy dance!) Her point was the teachers never step foot into the bathroom to help them. So, I’ve been working hard on letting Abby do everything from start to finish (including washing her hands).

||  4  ||
Sanitizer Obsessed 
Two in the car, one in the diaper bag, three by the front door and one in her backpack… You get the idea. Hand Sanitizer everywhere!!!! Just to access it anytime, anywhere. Especially right after pickup from school and BEFORE we get into the car. (I do have a 2.5-month-old so maybe my obsession is legit).

||  5  || 
Visit & Talk  
You might of already saw that we made Miss C a teacher gift last week! Which you can find here. This started the conversation in our house about preschool and who Miss C is. Just showing Abby my own excitement through emotions when I talk about it, I can tell is really rubbing off onto her. Along with a few things like her floral backpack to sweeten the deal of “going to preschool!” She smiles now talking about it. I swear…. it’s all in the packaging to little ones!

||  6  ||
Exit Plan 
I haven’t started this one with Abby yet because I can’t actually do it until she GOES to school. One of my dearest friends who teaches Preschool told me to make sure my exit is short, sweet, & consistent. And that even though I might want to cry on the first day (or first few days) that it’s important to stay strong for my child and to not let the “goodbye” linger. It just makes it harder on them. Ummm… totally makes sense!!!  She informed me, “stay at home moms seem to have the hardest time with this.” Thanks P! : ) and yes, I will be THAT parent. So, I promised her I would walk my sad emoji face to the car before letting those tears pour like a PNW summer storm.   

DIY Letter hook links
Hook  ||  Letter a (Micheals craft store) || Gold Paint 

What I did
Glued hook to back of wood letter/gorilla glue

Painted 1 coat (wait 1 hour) 
Painted 2nd coat

Hung up on wall!

Has your little one started school yet? And any advice you’d like to add below would be wonderful! Especially us PNW moms since our summers don’t end until September.  And as always, thank you for reading! 

Warmly, Steph

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