January 14, 2020

Valentines Day Gifts || Fun Finds

Valentines Day gifts girls
 These are very reasonably price (Abby's is $15.99!) for being organic and unbelievably soft! SO happy with the quality and style ; )

Pearl and Jane garlands are a joy for our home each holiday and heart season is certainly way up there! Her styles and designs truly bring a smile to my face each season. 

Soft and durable edges for my toddler is what made me add this to my shopping chart (aka stroller storage below),

Same reason as number 3!

1 dolls feeds 10 meals to children in need and each doll is fair trade employment (double yay!)

Some of the most unique, sweetest, and high quality hair pieces for little girls and I'm SO in love (yet again Meg) with her new season's heart pieces (p.s. she is taking a short mama break from her shop, so just be sure to follow her on instagram for updates)

A sweet detail which will actually end up going back and forth between the play room and a toddler bed (because that's how things works for us over here anyway)

A super fun idea for a Valentines Day basket with a twist!

Exactly the same as number 1!

I have yet to see these in person though online (if you go see up close)
the pink glitter sparkling look's so sweet and fun!

We've already started wearing our new  polka dot heart jammies this week because any holiday that has pink and red as the two main colors sounds like a good enough reason to celebrate!

And if you're headed out for a date night with your spouse this heart holiday many of you wanted to take a peak at our  baby sitting form I use, you can  find it here!

All the best this week friends!

Warmly, Steph

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