May 1, 2020

Mom Style At Home

Slippers (since 2014)
My FAVORITE cardigan (of all time)
Pink blouse
Black leggings (seriously worth it!!)

These are by far my favorite things to wear right now! (which many of you have asked about over in Instagram) so I also rounded up of what I typically wear + or would buy for myself over on the shop page, here. Many of you asked for cardigans and of course, I'm in my UGG slippers all the time.,,, so that had to make the list. : )

I just recently purchase this sweater next to my FAVORITE coffee mug to date (this ones very similar too!) . Hopefully these ideas help just in time for Mothers Day! As buying myself something online is what my husband will be gifting me this year... he just doesn't know it yet.... Thanks Steve ; )

+ Stay safe mom friends!

Warmly, Steph

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