September 1, 2020

BOO! DIY Doormat


DIY door mat boo

Boo! + Happy first day of September! 

Also known as the start of fall content around here! Because A, we really-really-really like Halloween (Especially my 4 year daughter whom happens to be the greatest magical creature I know on earth... Abby) And B, I feel like I don't even know what to call the last 6 months of all our lives.... just that a change feels amazing! + that we need some light heartedness! Specifically a holiday craft filled-full season of positivity now more than ever. (Virtual hug inserted) 

So to start! Today I'm kicking off a DIY doormat with some friends over in Instagram (all of there amazing creations and handles are listed below) And then details for everything the photo above is linked below along with a quick video demo saved over in Instagram story highlights called, "DIY doormats" and or you can just ask me : ) Another virtual hug inserted, right here. 

Awwww... happy first day of fall mom friends!! Via Instagram only... I know, I know : )


Your beyond excited fall friend... 


diy doormat boo

Resources + Link

Blank doormat

Stencil blank sheets

Stencil cutter (can't find my exact one online)

Pumpkins (Painted)

Pink paint color 1: 

Pink paint color 2:

Gold paint for steams

My shoes

Flowers are from our local grocery store + Home Depo

And all the other amazing doormats these creative ladies made!


Happy Fall! 

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