August 28, 2021

Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkins
After two years of collecting pumpkins, decided this spooky season needed a fresh start! So last week I painted them all white (2 coats) + repainted each one to use again this year! + I’m excited to say 3/5 shown above are back in stores  + online again this year over at Micheals Craft Store as that brand has been my favorite to paint on (because of the texture + thick stem) especially if you plan to have your littles paint a few : )

DIY Pumpkin + Star Sticker Upgrade 

(Can also DIY your own Star stickers by tracing either a star sticker, star cookie cutter or desired star sizes printed out to trace on back of vinyl. Then cut out your star shapes/stickers!)

Believe this helps answer all Qs from Instagram! + Excited to keep the Autumn/Fall + Spooky season fun going this next week!! Especially #paperplatecrafttues as I’ll share the first NEW design for Mini Maker Designs Co Halloween launch Tuesday ✨

Warmly, Steph 

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