May 4, 2023

Teacher Appreciation Gift x DIY Gift Card

2 of my favorite things as a past teacher (public + private) for receiving gifts was hand written notes + messages from my students (or art!) and gift cards : )

In both situations, especially "public" school educators we ended up paying for a good amount of things themselves. So I love gifting for my girls Teachers! (even if that's just a couple $7 coffee treats) 

Supplies for this one (including a writing prompt for littles!) below

Paper Gift Box:


Acrylic paint for all details (gold, white + baby pink)

Pencil Gift Card Holder:

Card stock (pink, yellow, tan + black)

Glitter gold + silver card stock 

Making Note:

Remember you'll need scissors + a glue stick! I found stacking a book on top of the craft once glued helped it all stay flat and intact.

Can't wait to see how you make this one! Either now, or end of school year as a big "Thank you! "Happy Making! 

Warmly, Steph 

Our writing prompt


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