October 25, 2023

Halloween Kids Crafts

Our Top Fav Halloween Crafts/DIYs for 2023
DIY Sparkle Jack-O-Latern Night Light 
video demo  here.

Hand print ghost card, stand up decor + or necklace. 
Video demo  here. 

DIY witch hat paper plate craft for kids using CHEEKS Brand  craft mats.

Then delight your kids by placing them on top of their heads in a framed photo or school pictures on fridge.
Video demo  here. 

Cardboard Haunted House 
Video demo  here. 

DIY witches broom (major upgrade) with a single wood base. Video demo  here.

Another pink Jack-O-Latern night light
Video demo  here.

DIY Witch hat photo party favor idea
Video demo  here.

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween season with us! + already thinking of what to make next : )

Warmly, Steph

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