March 1, 2024

Easter Basket For the Creative + Mini Makers

Easter Basket Ideas 

4 + 7 year olds interest when it comes to Easter Basket items are very much in line with one another  (at least for my girls) though each stage has 1-2 extra items I'm debating about getting them... as I'm trying to keep our baskets with a total of 5-6 quality items. 

I grew up with chocolate and jelly beans in my basket and as much as I LOVED that as a kid… as a Mom living in the PNW with many rainy spring days ahead, we need to have things my kids can "do," make, play and create with. 

You get me?

So we'll see what I decide on which means.. you get an exclusive peak at our Easter Bunny's "list." Maybe you can choose a handful of items for your kids before me?!

Easter Basket Ideas

Little Creative Makers Easter Basket

Bunny Doll + Suitcase 

Sparkle Crayons

Rainbow Jumbo Track Puzzle

Pink Toy Car

Large Star Wooden Dominos/Stack Toy 

Easter Hair Clips  (need hair up away from face to MAKE)

Personalized Name Chalk

Unicorn Bead Kit

Coloring roll

Easter Basket Ideas

Big Creative Mini Makers Easter Basket

Bunny Suitcase + Doll

Wooden Star Dominos

Pastel Colored Pencils

Butterly Mini Puzzle

Shaped Chalk

At The Studio Magnetic Doll

Princess Castle Bead Kit

Coloring Roll

If you liked the ideas for this years Creative Mini Maker Easter Baskets, you might also enjoy taking a look at last years baskets when they were 3 + 6 year old  here.

Warmly, Steph

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