May 22, 2024

End Of School Year Teacher Gift


end of school year teacher gift
end of school year teacher gift

Forgetting the vase this time - instead we're coordinating flowers to match the color of Ms. W new Stanley tumbler and I believe this might be one of the easiest last minute gifts I think I've made yet!


Don't be like first attempt Steph. Keep the bag open before cutting : ) I learned the hard way during my first attempt at creating the perfect fit DIY ruler gift bag, that you'll want to open it up completely before trimming the sides, otherwise you cut the sides off of your bag completely.

Whichever water tumbler brand you choose, go for it! 

Video demo on "How-To" make the DIY ruler gift bag here. 

Want to MAKE one?

Purple Tumbler

"You're The Best" ribbon sold out (similar one "thank you" here)

Brown gift bags


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Warmly, Steph

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